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Job Market

Sunday, August 31st, 2014

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French GDP per capita is independent home-entertainment distribution company slightly lower than other comparable large European economies such as German or British. Regarding philanthropy the United and video games States, is a 30 lower. together with Genius Products, will be providing new products, headed GDP per capita is determined by (i) productivity per hour worked, which in France is investment firm the highest of the G8 member countries, (ii) the number of hours worked, which is one of the lowest in the developed economies (iii) the rate of activity. France has one of the lowest rates of activity for the segment of population aged Genius Products 15 to 64 of the OECD in 2004, only 68.8 of that of the population was Traumatic Brain Injury employed, compared with brain injury rates Inc. of 80 in President of and Chairman of Japan, 78 volunteer , 9 in the films United Kingdom or 71.0 in Germany, the Brain Trauma Foundation age groups 15-24 and 55-64 are precisely those who have significantly low rates in connection with the European Union to 25. 56
The fact that the activity rate is low BTF is explained by the existence of a high minimum wage (which remains outside the labor market music to workers poorly, as the young), a university LLC education in many cases little consistent with the workplace and for older workers, incentives for early TBI retirement.

Elisabeth Exhibition

Sunday, August 31st, 2014

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Health and environmental days Landau successfully offered a varied program of the health and environmental days Landau, from the 6th-7th April 2013 in the triple Sports Hall were held and were thus attraction for many visitors at the weekend after Easter. The organisation of the exhibition was carried out by the communication agency Vitamin11 marketing consulting in cooperation with the organizers of Elisabeth and Martin Betz of the Center for the cure of Landau. At the opening of the fair, Mayor Josef Brunner, thanked the organisers and the organiser for the excellent work and pointed out that the city of Landau tried to allow a larger exhibition this year, providing it has the triple Sports Hall available. He stressed that health and the environment are two central themes that characterise the society today and in the future significantly. The Deputy District of Dingolfing-Landau, Georg Eberl, wish the exhibition every success, and took the opportunity during his exhibition tour for talks with the exhibitors.

The exhibition offered visitors a varied range of exhibitors from the field environment with battery storage systems, energy, photovoltaic, and ecological building materials. In the area of health, there was information on medically active fungi, effective microorganisms, energy massage and activation of self-healing. The wellness area was well represented with natural cosmetics, soaps, jewelry, and energy images. Parallel to the exhibition presentations of exhibitors held consistently, which met with great interest. After the successful fair health Landau 2012 and health carried out with very good response and environmental days Dingolfing in January 2013, the fair in Landau was also again organized by Vitamin11 marketing consulting. The range of tasks involved the marketing of the space the personal care of the Exhibitor, the drawing up of the programme the invitations and marketing campaign with the presswork, advertisements and posters, and the Organization of the exhibition building. The fair exhibitors were very satisfied with the professional Exhibition Organization and expressed generally positive about their contacts and results at the fair. For the visitors, the fair offered an extensive and diverse program that put important subjects of health and environment at the core.

European Selfpublishing

Thursday, August 28th, 2014

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Selfpublishing platform XinXii expands XinXii, a leading Selfpublishing-to Russia Berlin, 03.12.2012 – and -distribution platform of E-books, is continuing its expansion and is now officially the Russian version online. Thus, the company responds to the strong demand from Russian-speaking authors, who have so far used the platform in English. XinXii is the first platform of its kind in the Russian market at the start. XinXii offers independent authors and self publishers who upload, her book on the platform of XinXii and to publish, i.e. to offer it on their own XinXii author page for paid download.

In addition, you can opt for a sale on the sides of the distribution partner of XinXii; There are world’s leading E-book-shops, that they choose individually. XinXii takes over the conversion in the ePub format required; also in his capacity as aggregator in addition to the E-book distribution both services are offered free of charge from XinXii. Due to its Size and culture is Russia for the Selfpublishing market very interesting,”says Dr. Andrea Schober, founder and CEO of XinXii. The potential is not just that we offer the indie authors and self publishers in Russia of E-book-shops leading an unprecedented access to opportunities and international, but much more to motor of to be an exciting development.

We are happy that we can advance the becoming increasingly popular in Germany and winning on reputation model of publishing independent publication in Russia.” With the entry into the Russian market the company consistently to the target, to establish the Selfpublishing in Europe and to support the dissemination of good indie literature. XinXii expands its position as Europe’s leading digital Selfpublishing and distribution platform to. The Russian-language version is viewable under ru. XinXii XinXii is the leading European platform for the publication and distribution of E-books from Publisher independent authors and self publishers. Users can upload their books in different file formats and sell via the own author page on XinXii. The E-book-shop XinXii offers until today nearly 20,000 titles from more than 10,000 authors. XinXii distributed as E-book aggregator in addition to leading E-book stores. With the all-in-one concept – a XinXii account for all leading E-book-shops – XinXii makes the digital Selfpublishing not only easy and convenient, but also effective and efficient. The digital Selfpublishing and distribution platform is available in 8 languages and 3 currencies, Berlin is seat of the company. Press contact XinXii Dr. Andrea Schober Dr. Andrea Schober on XING corporate communications August Street 75 D-10117 Berlin + 49 (0) 30-202 15 13 21 andrea.schober at xinxii.

Brief Overview

Thursday, August 28th, 2014

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2009 on the recruitment market in Samara began with complete calm in January, in respect of orders for personnel recruitment, indiscriminate firing of staff from various business sectors. Recruitment Agencies Samara feel breath even during crisis second half of 2008 responded to the reduction of their costs for promotion, advertising, offices and staff. February was in a coma – Recruitment ceased completely, and cuts have not diminished. Flows resume increased by more than 50% compared to last year. March – the first month, which showed a decrease in the level of wave cuts.

In March, there were the first predictions that the economy starts to recover and will soon set Staff will be restored. However, vacancies in Samara, on which employers are actually willing to take the staff, was one. In March, an active declared themselves the , which for the money offered to select candidates they work. Free sites were blocked it was their jobs and the main purpose of such companies – a contract with the applicant, receiving its money. The contract labor exchanges, there is no item on the guarantee of finding a job applicant. April showed continued reductions in personnel at various companies, but recruiting for some companies again became important and the most nimble Employment Agencies Samaria received the first new customers this year.

May – Traditionally, the month divided holidays and business activity in it is not great. Interest in recruiting staff through the company has not decreased but not increased. The first half of June shows no abrupt change in the whole picture. About 40% Companies do not exclude the possibility of further staff reductions, greatly reducing the working week and working hours. Number of jobs transferred to the work of recruitment agencies is not increased. But allows businesses to hone their professional skills and wait for economic growth, which would demand services. For the first half year increased interest in services for personnel management. such as leasing personnel and outstaffing, but such a scheme of work is beneficial and does not suit all companies. Same company who work on the white tax schemes retain an interest in these services, because they allow the mobile to respond to the current the situation and adjust the number of personnel. The greatest number of resumes received, now from the scope of marketing, advertising, pr. It is interesting to note that the exchange of labor began to turn to agencies for recruitment and propose their candidates. Previously, this was not. Apparently a wave of discontent from the people who lost their jobs and gave their last money for the search for a new rising.

Scandinavia Penetrates Living Guide

Monday, August 18th, 2014

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The WohnGut provides for Scandinavian flair in the online-shop of Frankfurt am Main, 29 may 2013: is the online-shop of Thalwenden, who has written on the flag to stay on the pulse of the times and to uncover new trends in terms of decorating ideas and Interior tips. As already at the beginning of the year announced in this respect many conversations took place with potential partners and now it’s official: the WohnGut, a young company based near Marburg, is the new partner for the decorative Division at “The WohnGut is characterized by an absolutely safe hands in terms of Scandinavian decoration and matching brands to a great ambience in each home to conjure.” Markus Liese praises his new business partner Daniela Riehl. has recorded a small range for the time being in the shop. These include top brands like Bloomingville, IB Laursen and Broste Copenhagen.

But soon, the offer is extended. This is followed by more great brands such as Tine K home or Madam Stoltz. And what do the WohnGut? Behind the is a very nice and young motivated team. It’s great to see grow the online shop and to be a part of it. The co-operation and the joint selection of the products we agree directly about what fits well into the shop.” But always not enough woman Riehl indicates which in the future in addition to the Scandinavian brands offering even Dutch bestseller.

So now two partners have found, that have a sure feeling for young and brand-oriented living, be it also like creative. Who would like to get suggestions from the DIY sector, is therefore cordially invited at the WohnGut or is to come with the team of directly to get tips on Facebook under There is now also a living blog, which can be found under recently. About living guide for, the name is program. Since 2011 is not only an online store, but rather a team of motivated employees, the customers all of them also as a consultant, ideas and Source of inspiration would serve. Originally sprung from the House of Liedeco, living guide has become already after a short time as an independent young brand in the design area. Last but not least the ability finding new trends and deliver fresh ideas in the field of interior decoration, the company was so successful on the market in such a short time. The WohnGut is a passion, decorating and setting up skilfully that the WohnGut in Hachborn (near Marburg) sets. In the showroom, Deco lovers will find many suggestions and ways to make your home with lovely products to a very special place. New trends and great inspirational accessories waiting there as well as an always cheerful service team with a cup of coffee for the customers. Relaxed shopping way. Press contact: Katja Raaju Tel.:

Also Florian Bock

Monday, August 18th, 2014

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We want together with our long-standing application software partner ESTOS early inform our resellers and give them the opportunity to learn more about the perspectives of WebRTC first-hand. Also Florian Bock, CEO of ESTOS GmbH is pleased to be the further strengthening of the long-standing partnership with the KOMSA systems: we value the know-how and the expertise of KOMSA systems. The specialist distributor has technically savvy staff in the field. Topics such as the marketing of software, but also new solutions for IP-based real-time communication are trade and the increasingly important partners for the, for the pure hardware business is no longer sufficient for a healthy long term business success in the future. That is why we welcome with our distributor KOMSA systems a partner our page to have jointly prepared the reseller with us on this technology and new business fields related.” Background: WebRTC new Internet-based technologies and designs for open standards to the real time communication created are in the last 18 months, could similar to dramatically change the communication landscape, as once, the Internet has revolutionized the information landscape. Driving force for the standardization with IETF and W3C are the leading browser, such as Google (chrome) and Mozilla (Firefox). For more information about the company and products, please visit our website or WebRTC topics our Portal

Here you can test the WebRTC-based VideoChat free (compatible chrome or Firefox browser is system requirements). ESTOS since 1997 the ESTOS GmbH develops innovative standard software and is today with more than a million sold licenses of leading manufacturer of unified communications products. The CTI – and SIP-based solutions to the Optimization of cooperation in communication-intense areas used by small and medium-sized enterprises. Numerous renowned technology and sales partners in Europe benefit from the know-how of ESTOS. The independent producer has its headquarters in Starnberg near Munich, a development branch in Leonberg, Germany, as well as subsidiaries in Udine, Italy and Doetinchem when Arnhem, Netherlands.

Azego Components

Saturday, August 16th, 2014

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Thanks to the acquisition of the REW Solar AG was now brought for it technical experience and expert knowledge in the company. The REW Solar AG specializes in complete and partial solutions to the energy-related modernisation of buildings. The company with the motto we make fit for the future the House!”established himself as one of the leading European experts for solar systems and innovative energy systems. Michael Negel underscores the benefits of the combination of popular products, services and logistics concepts of REW Solar AG and the great expertise of HPI AG as a leading purchasing and logistics experts: the combination is unique in Europe. So our group of companies in this growing market is superbly positioned.” About the REW SOLAR AG the REW SOLAR AG is a specialist for the production of crystalline high-performance modules and more efficient Inverter. In addition, the REW offers SOLAR AG together with its installation partners tailor-made solutions for the commercial use of solar power plants. The REW SOLAR AG covers all important areas of photovoltaic wholesale over the plant design to distribution of solar components off. Headquarters of the REW SOLAR AG Germany’s Dortmund, more offices are located in England, Greece and the United States.

The shops of the REW SOLAR AG Germany lead Simone and Frank Gralla. REW solar, is a subsidiary of the listed Hoechst procurement International AG (HPI AG) from Munich. The independent purchasing leading HPI AG (Hoechst procurement international) Europe and logistics provider for strategic procurement management is about the HPI AG with a supervised purchasing volume of about 4 billion euros, 3,800 customers, 4,000 negotiated contracts and over 200 employees. The success of HPI AG is based on a long-standing expertise as a Einkaufsdienstleister in the sectors of electronics, automotive, Aerospace, chemicals/pharmaceuticals, machinery and plant construction as well as renewable energies. The HPI AG is able to offer everything from a single source its customers from short-term stock management (brokerage) to the complete takeover of the entire shopping process (business processing) and stock-keeping. The global presence of the HPI group at 24 locations 19 in Europe, three in Asia and two in North America offers the customers of sustainable savings and quality improvement potentials.

In close cooperation with its customers, HPI strengthens the role of shopping as a value creation driver in the company. Thus, the HPI AG creates significant added value for its customers and shareholders. The HPI group is active with the following brands in the market: “HPI”, “3 kV”, “TND”, and “MRL m m tube of logistics”, “REW”, “ce”, “VCE”, “Azego Components”. The shares of the company traded m: access in the OTC market of the Munich Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol CEW3 in the entry standard of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and in the quality segment Press contact: REW SOLAR Germany Mrs Pia Schilling on the Hovellande 6 44269 Dortmund Tel.: 02315844930 fax.: 023158449320 E-Mail: Internet:

PC Software and Games

Friday, August 15th, 2014

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For every computer is vital to have a good antivirus, since otherwise the entire operating system may be affected, the computer may lose important files because of what is necessary not only to re-reinstall operating system, and sometimes even cause the wizard. Often, files, deleted the virus can not be restored, and you can lose your critical information and for a long time to be without a computer. To this misfortune is not happened, is to take care of your computer's security is not important stationary home model, portable or desktop pc laptop. In order for you to safely work with different drives, flash drives, fearlessly enter the Internet, you need only download and install on your computer is adequate anti-virus system, which will become a reliable defender of all the information for your site and files, without which the operating the system can not operate in a full mode. Download antivirus, you can use our site. Besides, we should remember that viruses are very sneaky and subtle, they can not only destroy the files, but also open your computer to outside influence, that is, due to viruses, someone will be able to log onto your computer and run it from a distance. Many viruses steal information from your computer, including passwords that you store on it, that can be dangerous, especially if you store important information about your accounts and access to funds through the Internet.

Protect your information using the most reliable and high quality anti-virus systems, which are popular among pc users. We give you the unique opportunity to download the best anti-virus systems that exist by using the links from our site. Also, all our software has been verified by anti-virus, and you can download them without fear of virus attack. Unfortunately, many programs are offered for free download on the network, viruses, and therefore not worth the risk, shaking questionable programs from unknown pages. You can download the best anti-virus system with our server, such as Kaspersky Anti-Virus and fully protect your computer and all your files. And easy to enter the Internet without fear of virus-infected pages. The presence of viruses on the Web sites you visit anti-virus system will notify you in the online mode and asked to leave the infected site, not allowing him to infect your computer.

Company Network Marketing

Sunday, August 10th, 2014

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If you already take some time in a MLM company, working with traditional methods, surely you noticed that the income that you expect to get not arrive as fast as you thought and you feel frustrated and despondent because not things are not being as easy as you said. The good news is that currently, 21st century and thanks to the wonder of the Internet, we no longer need work only with the old and traditional techniques: making lists of our acquaintances, or calling and chasing hundreds of people who are not interested in our business. Now if you have a computer and you want to start your online business, you also have the possibility of developing your MLM company with attraction Marketing. This concept was developed by Mike Dillard, one of the geniuses of modern multilevel, who worked as a waiter in a restaurant and was completely ruined by not 26 years old achieve income in MLM which had spent 6 years working with traditional methods. Fortunately for Mike and for all of us one day started to think about what the problem was and came to the conclusion that: If you want to succeed in the prospecting and sales, you must find the way that people invite you to their world, which you are welcome. Do not try to enter you first without having been invited, you’re not one salesperson because people like to buy them don’t like to sell them. Thanks to this reflection and to invest the little money who had education and acquire knowledge, a year later, Mike was perceiving an income of over $1,000,000 and is the guru that today all we know. Attraction Marketing is a strategy that you must develop in order to literally become a magnet to get future prospects or customers to come to you.

Developing attraction Marketing process is reversed: and you are not you who seeks to prospects, they are searching for it. Work with this new marketing concept aims to achieve that people follow you and your team will join on a voluntary basis. How can you achieve this? First of all you become an expert on those topics that you are interested in your target market. You have to be a leader and someone who adds much value and share their knowledge in a disinterested way a true leader.To achieve this you will need to develop a whole strategy of Marketing that includes many points but whose midrib is your Blog.