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Teaching Formation

Tuesday, November 27th, 2012

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Quotation still Lacan, when it says that the agent of the educative act if becomes a repressor. Valley to remember, the objective of the awardee has filmed Society of the Died Poets, was to show American methods of the decade of 50 and as they had influenced pupils, demonstrating as such education could contribute in the character formation. After the initial revolt of familiar pupils and, revealed for the lack of spirit and will to learn, appears a light in the end of the tunnel, represented for a professor John Keating, who collaborates so that the pupils abandon persecution to disciplines, inspiring them in the same persecution, only that of its individual passions. When finding the expression transferencial phenomenon, then I thought about Freud and Reich. Searching, I discovered not to be exclusive term of the psychoanalysis.

It serves for many other fields. As Freud said, he is one ' ' psychic phenomenon that if finds gift in all the scopes of the relations with ours semelhantes.' ' In the relation professor pupil, pautada for the confidence, valuation of the knowledge, revelation of potentialities and abilities, psychoanalytic, according to possible through the affectivity. As the teacher Denise Quaresma said, of she disciplines Teaching Formation, Subjectivity and Human Development of the Unilasalle, shelter. I also remember, of the article of Daniel Counts, whose reading was recommended by the same teacher, when describes gratefulness in its work. Coming back to the neoliberal ideal, in the pedagogical aspect, the system stimulates the individualism and the competition, different of Pablo Freire for example, that he chose solidarity as form of fight capable to promote what called ' ' universal ethics of the being humano' ' , that by the way, according to its point of view it goes to permear the educative process, and of it, the ethics of the teaching work, we will not be able to escape.

Tula – Tourist City

Monday, November 19th, 2012

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Travel to the cities of our country is always a pleasure! To discover unknown corners, get to know people, and just to visit the cultural heritage of our history. Anyone who embarks on a journey only for two reasons or on business, or relax. With the development of business in the influx of business travelers Thule increased. In our region launched production of various goods. Also made in Tula exclusive products that are not found in other regions of central Russia. Such a factor only increases visitors to our city. But for business meetings equipped to place. Many hotels offer their Tula conference rooms for product presentations, provide assistance in carrying out such activities.

Such a combination of service leave only positive emotions. Relax after the move, be prepared for the meeting, discuss all the nuances for the presentation, an opportunity to draw a coffee break, or restaurant after the talks, all in one place. Very convenient! But do not forget that every city has its own history. Tula Kremlin, museums weapons and the samovar, Bright field and other tours, in fact, come to Tula, and not to visit such places is the same as that in Moscow did not visit the Red Square. Our city is famous not only weapons but also their medicine.

Plastic surgeons have long been the city of Tula Russia-wide recognition among professionals and clients. Their portfolio of the most popular surgery: tummy tuck, blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty, and many others. Cooperation with many metropolitan hospitals leads to the fact that customers are advised to apply it to Tula in the art. The rivalry between the Tula hotels in the area of services pleases guests. Each hotel with an eye on Europe tries to offer as much as possible services. All this leads to the fact that the hotel turn into hotel complex with its restaurants, swimming pools, SPA salons. All the latest trends indicate that Tula is developing in the direction of travel business and I am glad to any new traveler.

The Motor

Sunday, November 18th, 2012

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We wait yes, one politics that the least protects in them of the endoidecida fury of the banks to extort the little that we possess. Eager, we wait a reality that provides to chance to youth and security, over all, to the oldness. Ours lands, Mrs. Dilma, are rich, fruitful, and can provide all our necessities. The peace in the field does not have to be only one utopia of the call ' ' left revolucionria' ' , but the central objective of any government that it has seen to the full democracy. The large state is the propeller cancer of ours mazelas partners, having to be eradicated of our possible fastest way.

The crime, prominent president, cannot be accepted as something inherent to our reality. We will leave of the principle that crime alone exactly prospers for the fact not to have concrete chance to the young. Formation invests heavily in of base, in education that has as intention preparation of human being different, agregador and solidary, and thus we will have test of that the crime, when will have, will be the one another psychotic mind or exception, which could be dealt with adequate form. Reflecting, Your honor will see that our penitentiary system is onerous and inefficacious, not contributing in nothing for re-education of the prisoners. The corruption, illustrious representative of the Brazilian nation, cannot be sustentculo of our relations, as it has been until the current days.

Our legislative in the envergonha and our parliamentarians, in its great majority, survives under the stigma of the influence traffic, conspurcando our credibility next to international the public opinion. We feed a obesa state machine, demoralized, where supported constantly they are favored, generating an incommensurable responsibility to the public farm. The health, exempted governor, never could be relegated the secondary plans. It must have, during all the time, the maximum attention of the public, with regard to over all aged agents and children. The health of the woman in reproductive age is essential so that its children grow healthful and constitute the motor force for the work and the economic development of the Country. In regards to the Education, our children, since the first pertaining to school years, must be taught to be critical, cnscias people of its duties, but, over all, of its rights. We will aim at to an education that forms men and women of proper personality, always with the design to more work in favor of the construction of a society fraterna. Finally, the oppressed ones certainly dream of a quality of worthy life of human being, where the hours of working is not so extenuante, and the incomes, in turn, so are not reduced. It believes, no people supports the exploration for all the life, and the popular revolt, when it comes out, has as combustible main the accumulated hatred of many years. The implications of these popular destemperos History already showed in them in diverse occasions. Its voice, president, arrive the desperate millions of at this moment. Men, women, children, old, all wait for a synergy that can, the least in part, to modify our destination.

Federal Constitution

Monday, November 12th, 2012

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The Law n. 5.692/71, that it modifies the LDBEN of 1961, when defining ‘ treatment especial’ for the pupils with ‘ ‘ physical, mental deficiencies, the ones that if behind schedule find how much to the regular age of school registration and superdotados’ considerable; ‘ , it does not promote the organization of a system of education capable to take care of the educational necessities special and finishes strengthening the guiding them pupils for the classrooms and schools special. In 1973, it is created in the MEC, the National Center of Special Education CENESP, responsible for the management of the special education in Brazil, that, under gide integracionista, stimulated come back educational actions to the people with deficiency and the people with superendowment; still configured for assistenciais campaigns and isolated actions of State. In this period, one public politics of universal access to the education is not accomplished, remaining the conception of ‘ politics especiais’ to deal with the thematic one of the education of pupils with deficiency and, as for the pupils with superendowment, although the access to regular education, is not organized a specialized attendance that considers the singularidades of learning of these pupils.

Brazil demonstrated traces of one inclusive educational politics already in the promulgation of the Federal Constitution in 1988 in HEADING VIII, chapter Of the Social Order, when it clarifies: Art. 208. The duty of the State with the Education will be accomplished by means of the guarantee of: III – educational attendance specialized the deficiency carriers, preferential in the regular net of education; – 1 creation of prevention programs and attendance specialized for the carriers of physical, sensorial or mental deficiency, as well as of social integration of the adolescent deficiency carrier, by means of the training for the work and the convivncia, and the facilitation of the access to the collective goods and services, with the elimination of preconceptions and obstacles architectural.

Procedural Code Assistant

Tuesday, November 6th, 2012

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The Social Service also has its proper legislation: The new Code of Professional Ethics that it was instituted in 1993, from an ample debate in the Social Service. The express document the matureness theoretician-politician conquered for the category and reaffirms the commitment with the democracy, the freedom and social justice. It is an instrument of basic work in the daily one of the social assistant. Law 8,662/93 regulates the profession of the social assistant, it assures abilities and privative attributions of the professional and guarantees disciplines it and defense of the exercise of the profession of the social assistant; NORMA OPERACIONAL BSICA (NOB) approves Basic the Norm Operational of Human resources of the Only System of Social Assistance? NOB-RH/SUAS; ELECTORAL CODE CFESS/CRESS; RESOLUTION CFESS N 493/2006 that it makes use on the ethical conditions and techniques of the professional exercise of the social assistant. RESOLUTION CFESS N 559/2009 makes use on the performance of social assistants convoked to give deposition as witness, also in the quality of appraiser appointed by court or assistant appraiser. RESOLUTION CFESS N 489/2006 that it establishes norms forbidding discriminatory or prejudiced behaviors; RESOLUTION 383/99 that the social assistant as professional of the health characterizes. It clarifies, however, that the professional, for acting in the scope of the public and social politics, is not exclusive of the health area and, therefore, can be inserted in other areas, depending on the place where it acts and of the nature of its functions. The PROCEDURAL CODE OF ETHICS – RESOLUTION CFESS N 428/2002 institutes the new Procedural Code of Ethics and makes use on the norms that regulate the Code, including all the alterations that had been regulated, as well as those approved by National Meeting CFESS/CRESS carried through in 2001, inside muitssimos other articles, laws, norms and resolutions that constitute and loan legal-social basement to this profession.