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Following Dryer

Thursday, March 22nd, 2012

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Nozzle is used for styling curly hair and hair with a perm. "Fingers" located on the disk may be of different length, repeating the relief of the head. "Fingers" as a rule have a rounded shape, they are hollow and have holes along its length, thus creating a dispersion of the hot jet, the direction it curls, rather than on the scalp. For short hair dryers, brushes designed to both dry and style your hair, give hair volume. To create the curls There are air-electro with hot air output of 200 watts, such models are usually staffed by two or three types of nozzles. Most dryers are available with capacity from 1000 to 2000W.

Large capacity dryer suggests better styling, but short haircuts usually do not require high-power hair dryer. The advantage of high-power devices is that the stronger the blower, the lower the temperature may be. Hair after perms, as well as weak or thin should not be laid in hot mode, for such hair, choose a model with multiple thermal regime. When buying a hair dryer, note the convenience – to keep the hair dryer was convenient in hand to the rotation dryer wire is not twisted, it is convenient to have the following buttons switch to dryer was not very noisy and not very heavy. It is also convenient if the hair dryer is a loop for hanging. Note having had a hair dryer filter. Hair dryer operates on a vacuum cleaner, sucking in air. Together with air it can suck in your hair, dust, fine dirt.

Competitor Classmates

Wednesday, March 21st, 2012

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Hello! I suggest to try their luck in the new social network. How it will evolve and how they will pay – life will show. And while the proposal more than attractive. The idea is to invite referrals and that they add you to their friends. For it gets points. Then these points can buy anything from them in the store.

Ideally, you can even buy the Audi-A4. You do not need to invest a single penny! " How does it work? Stage 1. For each logged on to your invitation man charged with 10 points (for already registered no points are awarded). 2nd stage. For each invited by one of those who invited you, charged you with 5 points.

3rd step brings you on 2.5 points for each person. And so on. So, if you involve in an active game of people, every day you get more and more points without increasing labor costs. Points are awarded Only after visiting comply with the conditions: the profile is filled with at least 20 percent, the person was on site for at least 2 times. Once you have accumulated enough points, you can shop in a special shop. By discretion of the prize may be substituted cash equivalents. Important Notes from the administration of the network: Points do not burn, you can spend them in the store anytime and in any way; We specifically did not limit the time of the game to level the chances, and if the shop next to the prize "Buy" button is active (press), so there really is a prize, and you can order it and get otherwise (for example, when the prize is temporarily out of stock) You see special notice "temporarily absent", you are entitled to ask for a replacement prize cash equivalents.

Best Valencia Rice

Monday, March 5th, 2012

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Do not overwhelm its surface specialties, otherwise it 'choke'. Skoroda should be made of thick metal, preferably steel or cast iron. Messing with a lot of paella, and cook it on one or two is impractical – so look for the pan diameter of 40 cm for 4-6 servings, 50 cm – 7-10 (I saw a cast-iron the Uzbeks at the Leningrad market, promising to give up for $ 50, and a thick aluminum on the usual market for 700 p) – Figure should be srednezernym, not sticky. It should not be boiled soft, has good absorbing liquid to absorb flavor and to be crumbly. Ideally, of course, use the special polprozrachny Spanish rice 'Iberica'. In Russia, you can often buy srednezerny Fig brand 'SOS'. Long rice is not suitable.

Best Valencia Rice – Bomba, Senia, Bahia, from a nearby Murcia – Kalasparra (similar to bombs). – Fire. Paella requires a uniform and strong warm bottom, and cook it the best or wood-fire in the country, it also adds flavor, or a special gas burner. – Seafood. Tourist, 'front', paella contains lobster, large prawns or langoustines, mussels, squid. Buying a refrigerated sea reptiles, pay attention to the smell: if they smell like fish, shrimp or something, and not by sea – cook it just something else. – Saffron. Do not be lazy to find on sale Spanish or Iranian saffron, it is expensive ($ 4 per 2 g), but it's worth it. – Prepare a good fish and meat broth, do not pollute the paella bouillon cubes.

Construction Welding

Saturday, March 3rd, 2012

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Made of steel pipes, galvanized as well as not, of cast iron, plastic and ceramics. Separately, you can select stainless steel pipes, which are much longer than other steel pipes, looks pretty nice and do not require additional processing (eg, painting) in the operation. There is also asbestos and metal pipes. How well the plumbing pipes, is largely dependent on the material from which they made, and the quality of the workmanship. Last continues to be desired.

0B evidenced by the annual summer and spring and autumn and sometimes winter repairs. You can not even leave the house, and just look out the window. Vengeance roars excavator, biting into frozen ground, heard the cries superintendent cheerful, tired men half-heartedly do the usual chores. It is – sad and, unfortunately, the inherent lyricism of our public life. But do not let the bad news, let's talk about the kinds of pipes, their features and advantages. Steel pipes So pipe.

The most popular and familiar among them are steel pipes, galvanized, and I must say the full law. Steel has been and remains almost not strong industrial material used in large-scale modern industry and for domestic purposes. Furthermore, we must tell you that further increases strength steel tube method of cooking. Two methods: welded and seamless. As the name suggests, the first method involves the use of welding and the inevitable seams at the joints in the field of welding. Exactly is most likely to cause defects in the case of low-quality connection parts of pipes into a single whole.