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Webkatalog And SEO – Add Link

Sunday, March 28th, 2010

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Search engine optimization is an important descriptor in e-business. So many details have to be observed and the link is important. A web catalog is a sensible solution to get incoming links. Since the operator has full control over this path through the environment and the accompanying himself on his Web site provides. The link popularity and Pagerank was significantly increased by thematically appropriate link. The operator of a website should use the correct web catalog on you can get an overview. Has now been found an appropriate catalog, then you should hire a professional text. This text may quietly go into details and distinguish one's own site targeted by the competition and offer. Thus the user can click on a targeted web catalog of their site and are safer in advance that your offer provides the requested information or products. The web catalog, therefore creating a win-win-win situation, because the first is a web guide a search portal for the second, it offers an increase in inbound links and thus serves toImprove the Pagerank in other search engines, also a webkatalog provides a controlled presentation of the third plane in which the operator has full control of the presentation. Webkatalog be kept free of spam and often continue to link them to popular sites, thereby increasing the number of visitors signifikant.Kleiner tip on the edge, with simple search words, such as add link, add link, enter your keyword side and you will quickly adapt your Web Directories page

Implementation There

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

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Implementation There are various methods for implementing the systems and quality management is always required to use their own tools, however, to be applicable is necessary to consider the employment context, sociocultural and political, as these dimensions managerial approach to determine the quality of the organization.

Protests and looting

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

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Protests and looting The protests began in Guarenas (city located 15 km east of Caracas), the morning of 27 February 1989, also unleashed the looting and violence in Caracas, the poor people of the capital, in popular areas such as Catia, El Valle-Coche and Ant mano, take control of the streets. Television channels broadcasting live events, first in the popular sectors had peaceful protests, but before the lawlessness and ineffective law enforcement, there are more clashes, riots and protests, becoming increasingly more violent. In the afternoon, there were problems in almost all districts and neighborhoods of Caracas, with shops closed and public transport not running. In the following days, the media showed images allowed to see the extent of the looting. For many months, discussed how something so violent could happen in Venezuela.Violent protests also originated in other cities such as La Guaira, Maracay, Valencia, Barquisimeto, M rida and Ciudad Guayana. Overwhelmed by the looting, the government declared a curfew, militarized the major cities and crushed the protests with excessive violence. In the city of Caracas was activated “Plan Avila”, which gave the Army the custody of the city, enabling them to use weapons of war at the time to contain the demonstrations. Some used guns to defend themselves or attack the military, but the deaths of policemen and soldiers are incomparable with the civilian deaths. There is a shocking number of deaths, calculated according to sources, between 300 and 500 dead, huge material losses and thousands injured. Unofficial sources said the death toll was over 300. The repression was particularly tough in the slums of the capital. The executive suspended constitutional guarantees.For several days the city lived in chaos, restrictions, food shortages, militarization, the raids, political persecution and murder of innocent people.

Recruitment Announcement

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

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“Men wanted for hazardous journey. Salary low. Very cold. Long months of complete darkness. Constant danger. It ensures return alive. Honor and recognition in case of success.” Shac kleton Notice published by British newspapers in 1913 to recruit sailors for shipment.


Monday, March 15th, 2010


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Richard Branson Sir

Sunday, March 14th, 2010

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Richard Branson Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson (born 18 July 1950) is an English business magnate, best known for his Virgin brand with more than 360 companies that form the Virgin Group. Branson started his first successful business at age 16 when he published a magazine called Student. In 1970 established a registration by mail for business. In 1972, opened a chain of record stores, Virgin Records, later known as Virgin Megastores and rebranded as zavvi in late 2007. Competitive with his flamboyant style, Branson’s Virgin brand grew rapidly during the 1980s, set up Virgin Atlantic Airways and expanded the Virgin Records, the label. Richard Branson is the 245th richest person in the world, according to Forbes, since it has a net worth estimated at approximately 2.800 billion.

Are you really

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

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Are you really building the image you want By Javier Maza / President of Maza in magazine CommunicationsPublicado Conversely, in April 2003 The concept of “public relations” has evolved since those days when the most sympathetic executive of the company that had the best jokes and drank 3 glasses of whiskey without losing your head was the public relations manager. Today someone with those characteristics is precisely the least likely. There has been, and continues, greater professionalization of public relations. Yet in some Latin American Public Relations remains the bastard child of advertising, despite the efforts they are making both large global companies today have affiliated agencies in the countries of the region (Burson Marstellers, Edelman, Fleishman -Hillard, among others) and local agencies that fight with them, inch by inch, to win part of a still small but growing market.At bottom still lies an ignorance about the role that it is up to the corporate communications professionals, as many prefer to call the business to get away, justifiably, the name of a profession that has been abused as a synonym irresponsibly, among other things – a commission merchant. But today those “public relations” empirical, of champagne have been replaced by other, somewhat more sophisticated and even formal education. They call themselves “public relations consultants” and offering “image advice”. In practice most of them are journalists with good intentions but without real knowledge of corporate communications specialist, sell their contacts and influence in the media for which they work. Establish networks with colleagues and exchange including press releases of their “clients”.Of course, for anyone who is only interested in collecting some clippings and pay a few dollars a month is enough. Without realizing that, in reality, you are wasting your money instead of investing in a professional advice guides him to create the desired image for your organization. The work of a professional public relations agency goes far beyond finding a space in the media. It takes as its starting point the creation of an appropriate communication strategy to define the basic messages or key points make a spokesperson with media training and proper monitoring with the media, if any. The strategy may be in some cases to position the company president as a leader and authority in your industry and look, for example, include it as a speaker at a national or international event.In other cases, seeking closer ties with the sector of public opinion might suggest establishing partnerships with selected organizations for aid and social advancement and, through them, get recognition. In other cases, and far removed from the media, can perform work of “indoctrination” to support the position of the company or organization and to convince politicians and opinion leaders, intellectuals and artists to incorporate the messages in his speech he wants to communicate.

The Road to Success

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

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History … When we speak of Backus, talk business, and is that doing business is not easy especially when it is ready to compete not only nationally but also is recognized in the world market but of course that takes time. Making a historical review of Backus, say it all started in 1954 when a Peruvian investors decided to bet on our country and become a foreign company in a domestic company. Transform and National Company, Backus and Compania Nacional de Cerveza SA Lima Malting decide to create a business dedicated to the manufacture of Malta, until, in 1993 in order to expand the beer market was an early and significant investments in our country with the opening of the brewery in Ate, one of the most modern in America.Thus Backus also prepared to face their competitors and achieve possession as one of the leading companies nationwide. Path.. Thanks to his leadership in 1994 breaks down to its main competitor by acquiring 62 of the common shares of the CMC (Compania Nacional de Cerveza SA) allowing you to enter the market for water and soft drinks at home and in 1996, with a vision and seeking to exploit synergies in the beer business, establishing Union Backus y Johnston SAA, through the merger of Cervecer a Backus y Johnston SA, Compania Nacional de Cerveza SA, Cervecer a del Norte SATrujillo and Brewery Company Ltd., and this fact led him to the top making the brewery Backus in Peru’s most important. In 2000 Backus finally started on the right foot since March Brewing Company South Peru SA (CERVESUR) becomes part of the Backus group with the aim of consolidating a company able to compete in a globalized environment. Not only that but the company was gradually being recognized in the global environment, so that, in 2002 thanks to the Grupo Empresarial Bavaria Backus enters the shareholders of the company is strengthened and become part of a American transnational important, but not everything was invers n Backus, in the same year began a process of disinvestment in some sectors with the objective of consolidating the beer and beverage business, with a view to increasing competitiveness.

In the past

Monday, March 8th, 2010

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In the past 15 years the development of the group, based on research, has meant moving from sales of 200 million pesetas (1.2 million) to 360 million euros and more than 2,500 workers. The group responsible for the market does not want war with anyone. But given the ubiquitous presence of the group of traditional donut Panrico, Europastry achieved Dots product for a market share of 25 , with a marketing shops ranging from classic to restore, through major distributors. In the sixties, Pere Gall s it operated as a miller and baker craftsman, following the traditional activity: work at night to have fresh bread available the next morning.He understood, however, that there must be other ways to deliver a quality product with benefits to bakers and consumers. In the eagerness to find new outlets for its activity in 1983, during a fair in France, found the market a frozen raw dough before fermentation. Back in Spain started the development of work in that direction until a new product, frozen pre-baked bread, using the technique of stop cooking just before the end of the process. This involved the possibility of achieving a frozen product that was initially developed only with bread and that currently applies to all types of pastries and frozen masses. “We have quality products, transportation and storage easy and quick use in the manufacture of chemical preservatives are not used or trans fats,” says group founder’s son, Jordi Gall s, current CEO of the company.”The secret has been a determined commitment from the beginning of the investigation.” According to the data handled by the group, the annual investment in R D exceeds 12 million. In the research department working 20 people. Europastry has established itself as the leader in the production of frozen bread and pastry preheat. Of its turnover of 360 million euros, approximately half is for bread, and the rest were quick-frozen pastries and masses can be consumed after thawing process 10 minutes. Group sales of 40 is sold through traditional channels, 30 in establishments catering and a 30 increase in general stores, especially supermarkets. This commitment to the frozen product has not meant giving up bread made and marketed by the traditional system.The group also sold part of its production through its own establishments Molivell chain, primarily in Catalonia. To continue reading the story, click on the title … This news, in my opinion, we could relate it to one of the types of markets we studied recently, namely the “monopolistic competition”, in which one company already has enough time in the food market as is being Panrico, has been in the fight with this other company, Europastry, which, based on a large investment in R D (Research Development, who also have named) have managed to increase his marketability and development up areas multinationals.

Business Plan

Monday, March 8th, 2010

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The document refers to planning in the sense of drawing a road map of the business, which guide us toward specific goals in specific time limits, otherwise go without this plan, “giving a blind man shovels, resolving situations when presented with time without having reviewed the different alternatives and forecasting. The business opportunity goes hand in hand with two essential aspects: the ability to timely identify market needs and the viability and ability to meet that need. Example: At this time due to the global situation that occurs with AV1H1 virus (swine flu), the market has the need to be provided with face masks, if I find a supplier that provided me a good price these facemasks’ll second element. Without a vendor with which to meet the need would only have 50 of the opportunity and me nothing.This course is accompanied by other aspects such as: Marketing, Access Capital, sales strategies, among others. For all types of business and / or project is needed before the need to detect and create the opportunity, it is common for people to believe based business opportunity, but is more complex and exhausting as they should from creating the need not well being when this already exists. This basically is the purpose of marketing which detects and / or create the need in the area before it reaches the product. No, the business plan is essentially a vehicle for raising capital or a condition, that we could define as an added value thereof, as investors demand it because this way to know where your money goes, it is very difficult an investor invests from an idea, the business plan is the idea that structuring purposes, strategic plan, timelines, sales and advertising strategies clear and concrete. The Business Plan is the trip log is a business and what we should first do before embarking on any type of company. This would be important even in our lives as a strategic plan or plan of life or whatever you want to call.