Protests and looting

Protests and looting The protests began in Guarenas (city located 15 km east of Caracas), the morning of 27 February 1989, also unleashed the looting and violence in Caracas, the poor people of the capital, in popular areas such as Catia, El Valle-Coche and Ant mano, take control of the streets. Television channels broadcasting live events, first in the popular sectors had peaceful protests, but before the lawlessness and ineffective law enforcement, there are more clashes, riots and protests, becoming increasingly more violent. In the afternoon, there were problems in almost all districts and neighborhoods of Caracas, with shops closed and public transport not running. In the following days, the media showed images allowed to see the extent of the looting. For many months, discussed how something so violent could happen in Venezuela.Violent protests also originated in other cities such as La Guaira, Maracay, Valencia, Barquisimeto, M rida and Ciudad Guayana. Overwhelmed by the looting, the government declared a curfew, militarized the major cities and crushed the protests with excessive violence. In the city of Caracas was activated “Plan Avila”, which gave the Army the custody of the city, enabling them to use weapons of war at the time to contain the demonstrations. Some used guns to defend themselves or attack the military, but the deaths of policemen and soldiers are incomparable with the civilian deaths. There is a shocking number of deaths, calculated according to sources, between 300 and 500 dead, huge material losses and thousands injured. Unofficial sources said the death toll was over 300. The repression was particularly tough in the slums of the capital. The executive suspended constitutional guarantees.For several days the city lived in chaos, restrictions, food shortages, militarization, the raids, political persecution and murder of innocent people.

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