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official trailer lost

Sunday, January 31st, 2010

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I came out the first official trailer for LOST but show no new images …. Dennis Carey

Management human

Thursday, January 28th, 2010

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Management human resource management in public administration differs from that used in the business by the need to prevent cronyism and the requirement of equality, merit and ability to access the public that the Constitution requires. The unchanging nature of official and strict rules for their separation causes, regardless of organizational strategy prevents the private world. The bodies responsible for managing and governing the different career officials usually take office holder appointed by the criteria of trust and political expediency. This is justified by the necessary political leadership of elected officials, as well as treatment Tuitiva the Administrative Law gives the official. Each of the three administrative levels (local, regional and general) has its own governing bodies and management of public employment system.To these must be added another category of bodies for the coordination and cooperation among the various administrations. Finally, there is a set of legal instruments devoted to the proper management of human resources management. Include personnel records, relations jobs or planning important implicit in Article 69.2 Evaluation Committee, which provides forecasting on the organization, the analysis of availability and staffing requirements, measures of mobility, internal promotion and training, and forecasting of supply additions from public employment.

Company The company

Thursday, January 28th, 2010

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Company The company is the socio-economic unit, with profit, in which capital, labor and management are coordinated to perform a socially useful production, according to the requirements of the common good. The elements needed to form a company are: capital, labor and material resources. In general, the term social enterprise body composed of human elements, technical and natural materials whose main objective is to obtain profits, or providing services to the community, coordinated by an administrator who makes decisions in a timely manner for achieving the objectives for which they were created. To meet this goal, the company combines nature and capital. Management Company is the social group in which through the administration of capital and labor in producing goods and services aimed at meeting the needs of society . In law a legal entity formed for profit and is subject to commercial law.In Economics, the firm is the basic economic unit responsible for meeting market needs through the use of material and human resources. It is responsible, therefore, the organization of production factors, capital and labor.