100% Marketing

As Igor said Mann, author of "Marketing 100%" You can not make a first impression a second time "as they say, came, saw, conquered. No middle ground. Step 3: "Provide evidence of success their product, "Success Stories work very well. Commercials always use graphic success of your product or service. Includes photos, reviews, testimonials of previous customers about your product. Porter Stansberry is a great source of information.

Then your visitors will know that the products sold, you really work. I think that you should not say that the reviews should be realistic. For example, if you sell the vehicle from losing weight, show the real pictures of the people who lost weight using your vehicle. If you are selling e-book to make money on the Internet, show a picture check that you received while using this system. Step 4: Give Privacy guarantee customers "One of the essential components of building trust online is konfedetsialnost. When it comes to the privacy people are especially careful. Reassure your customers security of their personal information.

Give assurance that the data you collect will not be posted for all to see. If you ask customers address their e-mail, please indicate why you ask them, and how plan to use. Assure that customer privacy is important to you. Make sure your customers know about it. Step 5: Clearly define your return policy "One of the biggest barriers to buying online is difficulty and uncertainty of the return of goods if its poor quality or defective. To increase your sales is essential that you have had a clear and clear return policy.


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