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Published February 23, 2014

INTERNATIONAL THE FINANCIAL CRISIS AND THE IMPACT IN THE INDUSTRIAL SECTOR AND THE CITY OF AAILNDIA. The financial crisis of 2008 had beginning in the North American real estate market. It started if to form from 2001, with the North Americans refinancing its property, using to advantage the interests in low and catching money in the exchange. In consequence of this, the values of the property had started to go up. In 2005, the increase for the search made with that the prices of the houses reached historical records. With the advent of the American real estate crisis, the siderurgical sector of Aailndia also crossed an international collapse whose immediate effect had been the resignations in mass of the laboring diligent classroom. The effect of this pill on a person’s sex purchase generic levitra life. The marketing of cialis tadalafil 5mg has been performed by the joint venture of Eli Lilly &Company and by ICOS Corporation. These causes include lifestyle changes such as lack of exercise, smoking, chronic alcoholism and use of illicit drugs can increase the amount of cheap viagra from uk blood flow in the male organ. It is necessary to read the ingredients of the medication leave canadian discount cialis purchasing that the body.

In middle of November and beginning of December of 2008, the guseiro sector fired 12,126 employees, what it corresponded 40.23% of its employees and paralyzed part of its production, which got one loses of -61,85% of its productive demand. (SINDIFER It, 2009 apud National Conference of the Bishops of Brazil, 2009 to ME). Taking in consideration all the sectors of the economy, Aailndia fired employed more from what June 2009 admitted in the period of June of 2008. The data divulged for the Ministry of the Work and Emprego (MTE) had shown that this increase of the unemployment also reflected in all the microregion of Empress, of which the city is pertaining, in the west of the Maranho. Amongst the cities of the Maranho, Aailndia has a particularitity it becomes that it uneven in relation the too much maranhenses cities, therefore is the one that more depends on the international market, in view of that its economy is based on the production and exportation of the iron-gusa. Therefore, crises restored in any I sing of the planet that provoke retraction in the international market, directly reach the economy of the city, leading the entrepreneurs of siderurgy to diminish its production and even though to disactivate blast furnaces, as they had occurred recently in 1999 and, in the 2008 end.