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Published February 22, 2010

Almost three hundred birds, two hundred of them biutres tawny despezadas under the blades of wind turbines has been the cifa chosen by the Ministry of the Environment to do “something” which, fortunately, has been the cessation of two wind farms.It must be said that the “wind companies” have cheated, the administration had small parks with a given power that exceeded the Environmental Impact Assessments with ease but then, cup to cup, became de facto parks posed macro a real barrier for the big birds. If the companies have cheated, the administration has been guilty of na ve-not to shuffle other considerations-and it seems incredible that technicians were unrelated projects around the park with others. New wind farms in Castell n (area of El Toro and Ragudo) threaten to follow the same line if the administration does not prevent it.The problem is that populations of raptors that may affect more delicate and with far fewer copies, as Exceptional Montagu’s Harrier colony established in the area, so the death of only a half dozen of these birds could lead to the extinction of the colony. Mortality of vultures is the Consell to close two wind farms in Els Ports The Department of Environment ordered the May 30 the suspension of wind farms and Arriello Folch II wind zone 3, of the need to take measures to prevent the high mortality rate of vultures by impact with wind turbines. Ramon Pardo / J.Sunday, Castell The Regional Minister Jose Ramon Garcia Anton justified in his response to Deputy Initiative, M nica Oltra, the measure by the need to reassess the impact that the operation of wind farms in zones 1, 2 and 3 are on the vulture population and for the “development company” Renomar, start “further corrective measures. You then need to list up all the medications you take particularly on the off chance that you take: Medicines called “nitrates” which are frequently endorsed for midsection torment Alpha-blockers frequently endorsed for prostate issues Blood weight medicines Medicines for HIV or a few sorts online levitra canada of oral antifungal medicines Some sorts of anti-microbials, for example, clarithromycin, telithromycin, erythromycin (a few brand names exist, please contact your. They fear cheapest viagra tablets rejection by their loved ones. It is also found that the misuse or the extensive use of the online levitra pill can cause your blood pressure to drop suddenly to an unsafe level if it is taken with certain other medicines. VigRx plus pills are over the counter pills which do not go down the food pipe as it becomes weaker and rough to ingest hard drugs that are big in size prescription for ordering viagra and shape. The decision of the conselleria comes after allegations from many environmental groups, concerned about the high rate of mortality of birds protected by law, which has led to the filing of a complaint with the Prosecutor to investigate Castell almost 300 deaths of birds, over 200 griffon vultures, by impacts with wind turbines and wind farms and Els Ports Maestrat whose exploitation awarded the company the Consell Renomar.In its complaint asked to establish whether both have responsibility for a possible crime against natural resources and environment by the installation and operation of the mills. And, if so, punish them. The first raptor 9 deaths occurred in November 2006 in Torremir , prompting the then Regional Minister, Esteban Gonzalez Pons, to create a commission to study and follow up with the company Renomar to know the causes of these deaths and implement remedial measures, as zebra blade placement. He even raised the possibility of recalling mills or close the parks to put at risk the survival of birds protected by law. Deputy Initiative, M nica Oltra, Consell regrets that the attempt to minimize the effects from the beginning of the parks over the colonies of vultures and that any corrective action was taken “after learning of the losses occasioned mills in the griffon vulture.