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Published March 27, 2014

Clear, modern, faster: The online shop ThokkThokk has been completely renewed and offers advanced functionality and user friendly operability. ThokkThokk has set up in terms of content, design and technical new its online store at The occurrence of ThokkThokk has been completely redesigned and is now clearer, more succinctly and with a consistent concept. Through restraint and simplicity of the underlying design, the products are now more in focus. Nevertheless, the playfulness of ThokkThokk remains with the help of typography and image option.

Technically, is the shop up to date and distinguishes itself through a high speed. Also the layout adapts to fluent depending on the screen size, making the space available is always well used. The shop is consistently product – and user-oriented and leads customers directly to the selected articles. With the relaunch of the ThokkThokk online shop, the provider of design T-Shirts made from organic cotton offers an optimized Ease of use. It’s already been recognized cialis viagra generico to trigger patients’ genitals to reduce. More than 70 percent of all prostate cancer cases are diagnosed in men cialis generic overnight over the age of 40 and incidence increases as men ages. By doing periodical checkups, you will come to know when the best times when viagra prescription to take ED pill. In other words, this is also known as generic viagra cheap impotence. Customers and prospective customers quickly and easily find information and pictures of all ThokkThokk products and services. The change seems at first glance very radically, what is also so. You but once awhile on the new design saw a himself, it developed a very high appeal and elegance in our eyes”as holder Vinzenz Johow. Company Description: ThokkThokk specializes in clothes with unusual designs and prints by artists from all over the world.

In the manufacture of clothing, used ThokkThokk exclusively organic cotton and make sure that the production is done fairly and equitably. Striking, minimalist, energetic graphic design meets ecological and fair produced clothing. Without compromise, with attention to detail resulting design shirts. The combination of craft, design and a distinctive quality and environmental awareness is their consistency in the clothing line ThokkThokk. Reasonable pricing structure with optimized production processes where no one is discriminated against, rounds the offering in the online Shop from.