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Published April 11, 2010

Roll of thunder, then lightning lit the night. Somewhere, on a sparse grassy hill, is a chicken of a man, the cold and the rain do not appear to matter to him. The water drips from the perfect muscles of his torso as he takes a nightmarish ax from his back. A smile plays around his lips as he zustapft with grim determination to a small settlement. Through hard, relentless training of the soldiers within a few months has undergone a metamorphosis from a bloody beginner to master the art of war. His fatal Fhikeiten will now be referred to in the fight against warzenbershte and green-skinned beings that orcs are used. Somewhere else, a world away and dimensions of the scene, is the only that of a rumbling stomach neglected for ages. Behind a smudged glasses, in which the reflected light of a ghostly-white flat screens, blinking two tired, traversed by veins of red eyes. A small, fat boy produces clickingSounds with a computer mouse in the otherwise silent room. His posture looks weak and his skin was pale, had long ceased to be affected by sunlight. Amazing ways the fate of this boy is inextricably linked with that of the muscular orc butcher. The spirit animates the soldier and the boy gives him his raison d’etre. The warrior himself is nothing more than the formulation of the optical power fantasies of his puppeteer. A witty and soulless avatar in a world of bits and bytes. With a twitch of his little finger, the boy makes the martial character of his instrument of death einprasseln effortlessly on the heads of his enemies. In the era of globalization and computerization children have long ceased to play cops and robbers in the forest, but meet online in so-called MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games) like World of Warcraft) on raid (raid. Virtual warriors are hours, weeks and months, bred and trained to be supernatural beings. Mercilessly slaughtered herePeople of different ages through hordes of enemies to gain experience, fame and riches. This of course comes at the expense of their own physical state of mind, which certainly diminishes often to the same extent as that of the beloved “Super-Tamagotchi” increases. But why do people sowas What is it for the virtual age ego lead to fame and fortune, rather than gain real skills and distinctions in everyday life From a philosophical / psychological perspective, the answer seems to be on hand. As everyone knows, the man does not live by bread alone. While animals are animated as slaves of their stimulus-response scheme, only by the urge to sleep, eat and reproduce, it also covet the people for mental stimulation. He would like a rational being, the heights and depths of his emotions to explore, would be brought to tears and laughter to escape the monotony of daily work for a few blessed minutes. Once the people cheeredfor bloody gladiatorial games, then they read horror novels, to indulging in vergglichen shudder. Today, in the era of new media, you are looking for entertainment in the first place exciting movies or playing computer games. Booster capsule: This capsule is specially made for cialis on line the male. A combination of physical and psychological issues could include certain health issues such as obesity, poor diet, vitamin deficiency, smoking, obsessive alcohol, heart disease, diabetes, stress, anxiety and depression, while it can also be trigged by some physical diseases including hormonal pop over to these guys discount price viagra misbalance, penile nerve injury, surgery, prostate cancer, diabetes, blood pressure, etc. You should however consult your doctor if you viagra pills suffer from some degree of sexual problems like male impotence, premature ejaculation, loss of libido etc. It is the contractions of orgasm that cause male ejaculation by pushing order viagra generic semen to the edge. But all these forms of pastime, have one thing in common: you in the comfort of your own home safely acted out unfulfilled desires and limits are exceeded. The thoughts are free. In film or literature, the protagonist is going through proxy for the viewer / reader extreme situations, which can meet those with fear, hate, compassion, and longing. In the virtual reality of a computer game concerns poorly provisional crown of the entertainment industry as a conglomerate of literature, film and music, says it almost all the senses and also offers another great interaction margin. In the computer game, man experiences a direct efficacious – his actions have a direct impact with measurable success. At the same time it can not be held responsible for crimeswill. Failures will be mitigated by reservoir levels. A special attraction is surely also to be able to play roles, which find no parallel in this world. For example, the player can leave it to rise as a powerful wizard enemies in flames and cover distances with the help of a flight spell. For a long time has been cited by critics of social isolation should not be underestimated as a side effect of computer games. The already mentioned this point MMORPGs seem to be qualified, since the players can do on the Internet with peers around the world adventure. Through a headset may even discussions are held. Unlike reading a novel, the experience can be shared with friends. Furthermore, to be closed, perhaps new friendships and acquaintances made interressante. Say is playing this game so so serious as some critics If so, it seems not further disturb the user, because the phenomenon of online roleplaying games has become widespread.A huge community of World of Warcraft – players, which organizes itself in virtual guilds, meets regularly at agreed times at certain points in the game world for “raiden”. This means that one puts together an appropriate team with which the so-called quests can be solved, so that experience points and treasure, which can in turn improve your character to be acquired. On community sites like can also get to know the players nor private. Insofar as the social component of poverty seems to be at least substantially mitigated. Experts are sure to argue about whether the basic patterns in the process of learning, for example, through the anonymity of avatars in the game world will be negatively affected or even forgotten over time. The fact is that we know a lot of people today in that we anchatten in a forum, “or just take in a computer game contact. Online role playing games like WoW then combine many basic human needsaccording to (spiritual) gratification, recognition, and a casual, social interaction. Lack of exercise and addiction should be thrown into doubt while the other scale. What distinguishes man from animals is ultimately his mind, which is constantly evolving. Thus, the MMORPG is another logical step in the field of leisure time are the people in a world dominated by computers.