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Published May 3, 2020

The manager cannot be motionless in the time, has that to not only follow the new technologies that are appearing, as knowledge form, but also as enriquecedora source of its work in the institution. For the author, ' ' this new position front to the use of the technologies, differs total from the traditional one; it is important to reflect to be in accordance with the requirements of the work market, where they present independent pupils, critical, participativos, that they solve problems unexpected, that think and transform the way where they are inseridos' '. However, Almeida (1988) says that it is important to use the computers correctly, with effectiveness, creativity and with ability, therefore it does not fit to the industry and nor to the commerce of the branch of computer science to be responsible for the programs of the computer. She is necessary that it has a pedagogical team to evaluate the contents to be used, so that really the computer can be a tool auxiliary in the process teach-learning, where thus it will only represent an instrument auxiliary in the work of the manager. Fruity flavor, like strawberries or viagra generic cialis banana, is a good compliment to the effect of the drug. Some of the companies appoint medical representatives for the the live promotion of viagra canada pharmacy the medicine. For the viagra tablets india successful erection, the different body parts in blocked. But they’ve got a top-five defense and Dwyane Wade hasn’t had to carry as big super generic cialis of a load. According to author, the system SOON is an applied informtico instrument to the education, developed for mathematician Seymour Papert, in order to leave the old education of side and to apply a new support, where this program will go to develop a work that the child allows to practically program the computer without instructions. Although the rejection on the part of some managers, Leivas (2001) affirms that the computer creates possibilities so that more people can have access to the net, therefore this increases the excluded information and diminishes the number of, that is the planetizao, to diminish the number of barriers and borders that hinder the information. To sound (1998), is a revolution computer science that the man lives, where has the release of the routine work, repetitive and tiring, having more the mental persistence of what muscular (physicist).