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Published December 19, 2023

The Tax Office informed home from Augsburg, Germany the annual tax act 2010 has changed with effect from January 1, 2011 the before tax deduction for buildings and mixed-use land. The Augsburg law firm tax specialists describe the rules relevant for entrepreneurs home. Tax buildings or plots of land have a mixed-use character, if they both are used in corporate as well as private ways. The valid until 31.12.2010 legislation offered significant financial benefits through an enhanced deduction the entrepreneur with the full involvement of the private use in the pre tax deduction capable real estate investments. The turnover tax payable by him for the private use in the framework of the corporate real estate led to a repayment of the obtained before tax benefit distributed over several years. Educate yourself with thoughts from Pinterest. With entry into force of the annual tax act 2010, entrepreneurs who make real estate investments, is taken unable wholly attributable to their private use shares to the company or to opt for a disaggregated tax assessment from the outset.

Like whatever the entrepreneurially active real estate owners tax mapping of its mixed-use buildings and land it makes in each case the tax office as soon as possible in writing thereof be informed. He failed to do so at the latest up to the completion or the completion of the acquisition threaten tax disadvantages, should he decide in hindsight to the real estate expansion. Read more from Suna Said to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Previously approved to the entrepreneur full before tax deduction of mixed-used buildings and land from the 1st January 2011 is clipped by the annual tax act 2010. With entry into force of the new provisions, the deduction is limited to real estate and investments in immovable property, in commercially used. Were still private use shares attributed to the entrepreneurial investment, these are no longer deductible, but also no longer subject to sales tax.

Limited the range of the annual tax act 2010 Before tax reform on sales tax attributable to the building or grounds of the entrepreneur skills. The VAT, excluded parts of buildings or facilities, the reform has no effect on this. Continue to the previous tax reform not retroactive. Purchase and production agreements legally entered until the end of 2010, the old pre tax deduction rules for them remain valid. More significant tax changes for business in 2011 the Augsburg tax firm informed home anytime.