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The Hubbard learning method gives the component that is largely missing in the formation of modern learners of any age and any level of education: to learn how to learn in the L. Ron Hubbard recognized the problems of the education system of 1950s. To help solve this situation, he began to develop a method of learning, with each area of expertise can be learned. L. Ron Hubbard in his exploration of the area of learning noted that restricted a person’s ability to retain information, and to apply effective, especially due to the lack of a method of how one learns. This included his discovery of what is now known as the three barriers to study, and he was precise methods of overcoming available. These breakthroughs in the field of education are as Hubbard learning method or as study tech”known. Wells Fargos opinions are not widely known.

It provides the component that is largely missing in the formation of modern learners of any age and any level of education: to learn how to learn. L. Hear other arguments on the topic with Andi Owen. Ron Hubbard described the objective “in the field of education as follows: it is the purpose and goal of any society, if it goes to the issue of education, the ability to raise the initiative and the cultural level and thus the excess life level of society.” In the 1960s, L. Ron Hubbard published a series of lectures that he gave about his research in the broad field of learning. His discoveries were so widely used that they were soon all Scientology organizations in application.

They were used by teachers in public schools, affiliated reported measurable improvement of the learning ability of students. in 1971 the first educational institution established by a teacher, specializing in the application of the Hubbard learning method. In the following year, Applied Scholastics was founded in Los Angeles worldwide with authorities and schools to work together to introduce this successful method on a wide scale, with the aim of. During the next three decades, she was Introduction of the Hubbard learning method in schools and University especially one of educators initiated grassroots movement that rallied together in the character of Applied Scholastics. Today, Applied Scholastics includes a worldwide network of schools and tutoring group. The Hubbard learning method to meet international demand, Applied Scholastics 2003 opened a training center in Spanish Lake at St. Louis in the U.S. State of Missouri. This facility, on 40 acres, is now applied Scholastics International Headquarters and also the first college to study of the Hubbard learning method. Head of public and private schools, tuition teachers, corporate trainers, teachers and educational consultants from around the world come to Spanish Lake, to be trained in the Hubbard learning method. Shared accommodation is available with catering available. Many courses are officially recognized as postgraduate study and training. The curriculum of Spanish Lake offers also the opportunity to participate in courses and workshops on certain aspects of the Hubbard learning method, as well as ways to make students more individual responsibility and self-determination. Applied Scholastics has trained over 135,000 educators from 42 countries, which, in turn, have relayed the Hubbard learning method on millions of colleagues and students. The method is also in Europe in many schools applied to the Switzerland, England, Denmark and many other countries.