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Your Meaning Of Life


You must give a meaning to life by the very fact that life is meaningless. Henry Millar external reality, people and things, make sense only to the extent that they satisfy or frustrate the internal state of the body. Only real what is inside: the exterior is only real according to my needs (never based on their own qualities or needs).Erich Fromm probably to stop to read this writing already there will be deposited in your Pannier of bystander by this dimension much knowledge, experience, thoughts that others have bequeathed us, product of his experiences, this attentive of their learning, as also own as well as our interrelationships, be attentive, in this opportunity, we we specify us in providing some thoughts that have been given to us and that your content, messages, invited to reflect, inquire to better cultivate our growth. We have selected them respecting their content and information source, we are certainly aware that the reader will give you the interpretation of According to your interest and level of acquired knowledge. Start them taking into account that gives us e. Galeano in a story that says: when point:.A man from the village of Negua, on the coast of Colombia, could climb to high heaven. The return said that had referred, from there up, human life.

And he said that we are a sea of fueguitos. The world is that revealed a lot of people, a sea of fueguitos. Each person shines among all others. There are not two equal fires. There are large fires and small fires and fires of all colors.

There are people of serene fire, which neither learns of the wind, and people of crazy fire, which filled the air of sparks. Some fires, fires Bobo, not light or burn; but others arden life with so many desire. For its part, Osho, bequeathed us some interesting thoughts that invite you to delve into your message as they are; The society is based on the figures, is a policy of figures.



A person who had been suffering from constant headaches finally went to see the doctor. I don’t know why still give me these terrible headaches, he lamented, don’t take as many people do, don’t smoke or me desvelo, not as excessively, nor the doctor interrupted him telling him: tell me, that pain is very sharp? Yes, replied the man and it hurts here, here and here the doctor asked him while he played exactly three places in his head, the man answered hopefully. Very simple told the doctor while he was writing his diagnosis your problem is that your aura is very tight. Need to loosen it a bit many leaders seem to be that man. Both have made efforts to be more efficient that by being effective. Efficiency is doing things correctly, the effectiveness is to do the proper things.

Efficiency is the Foundation for survival. The effectiveness is the basis for success. Numerous leaders have a mentality based on the activity not in the results, in such a way that when things fail, regularly blame others for their own limitations. They justify their weakness to external causes without acknowledging that its results are caused by its internal causes. This pressure advances in customer focused technology and greater geographical coverage resulting from overnight viagra delivery the e-commerce. This blockbuster invention in the drug market has been flooded with various anti-impotency pills so you levitra online australia need not to be ashamed and confused. Free radicals in the blood reduce levels of nitric oxide, and antioxidants are the answer to all your sexual dysfunctions. discount cialis canada Most importantly, it lowest priced viagra does not leave a bitter taste in your mouth. This is my favorite story to illustrate the above: the sales manager of a dog food company asked sellers if they liked the new advertising program of the company. It is very good, the best that there is in the market!, replied sellers.

They like the new label and packaging?, he asked the Sales Manager. Are very good, the best that there is in the market!, replied sellers. Our sales force like them?, asked the Sales Manager. They constituted the sales force. They had to admit that they were very good. Very well, said the Manager. So we have the best label, the best package and best advertising program, and product as sells the best sales force in the market.