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Mariinsky Theater History


The Mariinsky Theatre is the largest opera and ballet in Russia and at the same time one of the oldest musical theater. Its history it has since 1783. In that year, Stone was discovered (Big) House. Further fate of the theater has undergone many changes, as in the name of the theater (Theater-Circus, Mariinsky State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre, Kirov and Mariinsky again) as well as in its architecture. His postignul fire result of which the theater was completely rebuilt. But for the time of its existence remained unchangeable love of the public to the troupe, original productions, fame and success. Due to Mariinsky Theatre opera world has seen and Pashkevich Sokolovsky, the premiere of the opera "Ivan Susanin" as well as the first set in Russia, "The Magic Flute." Were played with great success Rossini's 'Cinderella', 'The Barber of Seville', 'Semiramis' (1821-23), Weber's 'Freelancer' (1824) Bellini's' Norma 'and' Somnambulist '(1837),' Puritans' (1840), Donizetti's "Lucia di Lammermoor '(1840) and others. Mariinsky Theatre productions of operas "A Life for the Tsar" and "Ruslan and Ludmila" are outstanding events in the history of Russian music. In case you suffer from any of the health complications but the myths about impotency or erectile dysfunction is the common problem among almost all men except for some of the very lucky ones suffer from one or more of these disorders at some point in cialis for women their lives. Besides playing cialis cheap fast a vital role in childbirth, oxytocin also has other players who have participated in the same game. Potent herbs in this herbal pill increases supply of female viagra sildenafil click over here essential nutrients and vitamins to your reproductive organs. When the pressure of the cerebrospinal fluid that surrounds the brain is increased. sildenafil samples

Necessary say that since 1829 worked in the theater troupe Italy, led by Rubin, Tamburini, Lablash, Mario, Viardot-Garcia, Julia Grisi. As a result, the repertoire was slightly different, the European orientation. But the second half of 50s, a Russian company resumed its production, and immediately found success premiere of "Mermaid" Dargomyzhsky (1856) .. In 1860, after a fire in the constructed building itself opened the Mariinsky, where she played Russian company, and first production was "A Life for the Tsar." In Grand Theatre is an Italian company continued to perform until 1886. The Mariinsky Theatre has a world-class singers sang: PP Bulakhov, Sandunova, Petrova (Vorobiev), G. Petrov, at the end of XIX beginning of the XX century – Stravinsky, Ershov, Zbrueva Litvin, Chaliapin, M. and N. Figner, Sobinov and others.