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Permanent Council


-Reforming and expanding the possibility of the mechanisms as the of revocation of the mandate to the see. Problems of conflict and peace (creation of the Permanent Council to the conflict and the peace. – No presidential correjerias for peace, ample space where they have seat; different victims victims of the social and armed conflict which the country capable of powering about the essence of the conflict.) Defense of the State-owned productive and efficient (reform of the law on privatisation) – construction of a law of agreement of all economic sectors of the nation to protect the national industrial development in the context of globalization. Political death to the corrupt (Total civilian death to those who check corruption offences) – loss total of civil rights to all the corrupt and loss of the Colombian citizen problematic imprisonment or banishment from the Health (total reform of the social and security investment and budget management in health)-responsibility and direct management of health by State. Problems of public services (reform of the law of public services; creating users participation in budget and investment decisions) problems of the elderly (creation of the law framework of the third age) – that older adults are not to sway and use of the politicians of the day but under a national regulatory framework is infrastructure for older adults the State in lathe control. Cervical traction can diminish the weight on the other bones cheap viagra mastercard of the foot. In case they persist, visit a viagra without prescription Continue doctor Consumption of Kamagra Fizz with nitrate containing drugs can lead to many sex problems such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. When the blood does not passes properly to the penile organ to achieve the required blood supply that is essential for erection. levitra no prescription The viagra sale is safe, low cost and facilitates some of the most common myths and facts surrounding erectile dysfunction. -Permanent ruble in the national budget for programs one vejes happy and integral.

Reform of the financial use of the credit and banking usage costs. Reaction of financial management costs charged by the banks that they are incurred by the 4 X 100 and not that this resource is complete funding projects totally extraneous to the national development. Defense of national sovereignty this understood as exercise of ownership and exploitation of geostationary, marine, space as part of the sovereign territory of Colombia opposition to foreign military forces to remain in the country. Review of the active participation of youth in the orders of the educational, cultural, scientific and sports policy.