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Let’s look more closely at some of the misconceptions about abdominal fat: how your body is placed and how to get rid of.This topic probably has a greater level of misunderstanding that virtually any topic of health or physical condition.The first misconception is that you can get rid of abdominal fat through the work of the abdominal muscles.This is based on the belief that fat is removed a part of his body if he engages the muscles underneath the fat.It is the same idea that is going to lose fat in your legs if you pumped your legs all day.The truth of the matter is that your body decides where to put fat and where out, and is a system that is largely determined by your genetics. First, your body stores fat in your belly (abdomen, hips, or buttocks) due to the basic biomechanics.The midsection of your body is the best place to store extra energy, since it requires less energy to carry everywhere.Remember that fat storage is a survival strategy, so that your body wants to maximize energy efficiency in the creation, storage and utilization of body fat. Antique Garden Sale shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. So the exercise of blue pills is done by the generic viagra generic men to overcome the male impotnecy. These are a few reasons why you and other cialis online online men experience erection disorders. Kamagra as a Remedy for Healing Male Disorder Fortunately, you can get rid of male dysfunction with Ginseng, a Chinese Herb, which helps treat viagra 100mg tablets male disorder, Epimedium or Horny Goat Weed, that is aphrodisiac, Yohimbe, sexual stimulant, which increases blood supply to the male sex organ and some parts of the nervous system. The significant ingredients of kamagra tablets consume approximately 30 minutes to cheap viagra in india start its execution that longer for at least 4 – 6 hours. No sense having an excess of fat in the fingers of hands and feet.So given that your body wants to store fat as a way to portable power, it makes perfect sense that would prefer to store fat in your abdomen. Secondly, from an anthropological point of view, the placement of the body fat also has some implications for partner selection.This is especially true in women, where fat is stored in places like the hips, buttocks and breasts to actually create a more attractive physical body in order to attract a potential mate.In this way, the fat is stored in places on your body for the same reason that a male Peacock has default feathers of brilliant colors that part of the game of seduction, so is say it.The exaggeration of physical features is a common strategy of evolution to attract a partner of primates, including humans.And body fat can be used cosmetically to carry out this strategy.(Of course, everything happens automatically. If you are not convinced, visit Philippe Lavertu.