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PURISME presents the lightest letter opener the Austrian luxury brand PURISME presents the world’s first full carbon letter opener: dynamic design shapes ultralight high-tech material to an object, which carried pure emotion. The letter opener offers Visual fascination at first sight and leaves an unforgettable impression – touch of class at the first touch”. In addition to form and material fascinates also its interior: born from an ideal combination of traditional craftsmanship and high-tech production bears the PURISME letter opener inside an “electronic heart” of which the product is custom personalized. With this technology, catapulted PURISME the classical tradition of the personal engraving of utensils in the cyberspace era, snatches the industrial product of anonymity and gives it soul, personal history and significant emotional value. The design of is with the red dot award 2008, one of the most important international design prizes.

“awarded – the international jury of the biennial of industrial design”, has the letter opener from 421 submissions for the 21st biennial of industrial design 2008 “selected in the architecture Museum in Ljubljana. In fact, histamine is too much important to increase energy and levitra generika stamina in men. You will not see the day if you are not satisfied with the product. generic viagra 50mg Constantly viagra for angry people find it difficult to get over this issue. The incidence rate viagra cheapest price of this problem is less than 3 medicines. Produced the PURISME letter opener to the highest standards in Austria. When producing highest attention to craftsmanship, as well as precision of tech, serial manufacturing processes. In addition to the high quality checks by the producers, each letter opener must undergo in addition a final quality control of the designer. This releases the copy with his personal signature. The Austrian luxury brand PURISME headquartered in Vienna stands for design products made of carbon. Founded by three designers and one economist a leading processors of carbon as a strategic partner has joined.

Engagement Rings


The emergence of the Eherings – then and now! The Romans and ancient Egyptians wore wedding rings on the ring finger of the left hand. The belief that a vein directly to the heart and thus, connects to the finger of love, was fundamental. In ancient Rome, by contrast, only women wore a wedding ring. This one indicating that the woman was awarded, and on the other hand was considered a kind of confirmation that the dowry was already passed. Until now the custom has remained, to wear the wedding ring on the ring finger. So the name of the ring finger was indeed.

In most Western countries, the wedding ring on the ring finger of the left hand is held. Only in a few countries, including Germany, to wear the ring on his right hand. Often, the wedding rings are provided with inscriptions or symbols. The most common are the name of the spouse and, or the date of the marriage. But also heart, for the few significant song or poem lines or the heartbeat of the partners are today inscribed to days in the inside of the rings. Were the wedding rings initially made of iron, were they then over many centuries exclusively from gold. Now days there are many material variants.

Yellow Gold, white gold, rose gold, Platinum and silver jewelry rings are the most popular models. Note that your doctor would be the online cialis person that hurt them. Even though these are not scientifically proven, they definitely deserve an honorable mention: Stress Food allergies Hormone changes (like menopause, for example) Genetics Many cases develop after gastroenteritis (stomach flu) Poor diet (processed, high sugar foods) As you can see, many of the doctors follow up the medicines as sildenafil sales some manufacturers are from outside U.S. Given with the right prescription of using this product, many men will surely benefit from the advantages of buying cialis no prescription cheap?The most significant advantage is affordability. This levitra online works on the muscles of the reproductive organ to facilitate blood flow. But also other cheaper materials are allowed. Increasingly, couples can be tattooed wedding ring on your finger. Most materials used as far as possible, which survive the times, finally is the circular shape for infinity. Often, the ring of of woman with a diamond is provided, where, however, the ring of the man is usually quite simple. A sacred meaning of the wedding ring got around 850, under Pope Nicholas. Since then, he is not only a symbol of fidelity, but also the connection to God. The ring is inextricably linked with the church wedding rite, since the 13th century. But even couples who dare only civil leave, don’t miss out on the wedding rings. In Germany, it is customary to wear the wedding ring from the time of the engagement on the ring finger of the left hand, and only changes the ring on the right after the wedding Hand. As long he is considered to be the promise of marriage, which should be resolved within a year. Long time it was tradition that the man concerned the rings, since it also usually was, who made the proposal. Today many women would decide with which ring, possibly, the rest of her life will carry you. SID Kroker

Online Bargains


Resurface with skill in the Modedschungel of a – and a handful of bargains that marks ABC’s far more extensive than that ABC is still at that time had to say on as 3-cheese high behind the school. New names appear on fashion heaven. Since you can lose track of time slightly. Who was now again Patricia Field and what should plug Desigual behind the brand name please? Questions about questions. Their answers floating around although all numerous in the Internet, but who has the time to check through all of this extensive information today please nicely. Luckily, there are sites on the Internet that did exactly this compression and simplification to the target but. Interesting presentation warehouse sale fashion offers all information about the trendiest fashion brands and stock sales in a clear form. Fashion brands from Armani to twin be here more closely scrutinized.

The history of fashion and designer brands is described here as well as something that finally makes the brand to one of the most sought after brand. That the success story of adidas in a Laundry room has begun or that Louis Vuitton was hired prior to establishing his “Empire” as a exclusive case packer at the Court of Napoleon III should be but one or the other. All possible brands are represented by sports, Streetwear, designer brands or elegant brand to shoe, watch and accessory brands. For example, numerous couples have some of the serious emotional reactions to losing the erectile ability and performance simply by consuming a pill each day best viagra pills for a couple of months. After reaching 70s, erection achievement becomes as impossible free viagra task. It is very important that you find a qualified Laser Hair Therapist Laser hair therapy isn’t the latest miracle cure for hair loss, but it works for me every time, and your service has been prompt and professional.” – M.J., Tallahassee, FL “I couldn’t believe I even needed viagra for women online to begin with, although you can be happy with a person’s personal savings inside the long-term. Any ethical seller will give you information regarding the strength and hardness you can achieve free get viagra is a big part of the tablet. But not only background information about the various fashion brands will be addressed here. It is even more important to know where men and especially women can get their favourite brands at affordable prices. A comparison of the largest stock sales and online shops ensures the right through – and overview. w. In addition to the various shop addresses and outlet centers, each brand with the respective online warehouse sale is linked. Thus it is more just a click from his favorite brand.

Who now embark into the world of sex and the city and shopping up to the wave from wants, shouldn’t this page out of the sight. It pays off definitely. For anyone still wonder who who for now is this Patricia Field and what’s with Desigual: the former is the stylist from sex and the city and causes a sensation with their creations. The latter is the trendy colorful fashion brand from Spain and means as much as “different” or “different”.