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Phuket Police


In his opinion, the negative effects of the video in the tourism sector, main source of income in that area of the country, will last for some time and it has been urged to minimize them to to improve the safety of the tourists and police to prosecute perpetrators of crimes. The violation took place in July against the daughter of Koldijk sexual assault occurred on the night of 26 to 27 of the past July after a party that celebrated his birthday at the beach of Ao Nang, popular among tourists who are directed or come from the Phi Phi Islands. In his statement to the police, the boyfriend of the raped girl indicated that toward two in the morning he went to the hotel because I was tired and left the girl speaking with a Thai, apparently a tourist guide. But it was not until the next day, said the boyfriend, when he received a phone call from the hospital in which he was informed that the girl was entered. I found her crying and very traumatized.

I noticed that she had not only been raped but that he also had swollen face and a bruise on the right side. The upper lip was also very swollen, told the press. Use kamagra jelly if you suffer from erectile dysfunction problems, which has seen a drastic increase in the number of athletes using the anabolic steroids when they were competing in early 2000s and in late 1990s. cialis order Hypertension, viagra sans prescription diabetes & depression can also impede with sexual wish & reaction. If you want more Beautiful Skin, buy viagra a younger-looking appearance, increased libido, improved mental focus, more energy and improved health, the answer is to use the Amazon genie in a bottle. All the ways of work, the dose and power and all the timing of taking medicine will remain the same. cheap cialis has brought for them a sense of relief. The victim said in its complaint in police station that He attempted to flee, but strong blows he received from the attacker left no forces and came to fear for his life. The alleged violator was arrested by police shortly afterwards and confessed to the crime, but then retracted and was released on parole. His withdrawal means that the verdict of the Court may take one or even two years, said Jongrak Timthong police Colonel. Song complaint has been hung on the Internet when they increase cases of assault, theft and other crimes against tourists in the main destinations of the country, such as Phuket, Pattaya and the island of Ko Samui. The authorities of Thailand, country which last year attracted about 19 million foreign visitors, have secured as a result of the increase in complaints, that they will improve security, they will fight scam and extortion in the tourist areas, which provide much of the 24,500 millions of dollars that the sector generated last year. See more: denounces the violation of his daughter in Thailand in a video and it shakes the country tourism sector

Venezuela Makes History


Venezuelans imposed by 2-1. Arango was the great master of the match. They will face Paraguay. Paraguay eliminated Brazil in the round of penalties. The selection of Venezuela made history this domingp. He won by 2-1 to Chile and qualify, for the first time in its history, to the semifinals of the Copa America, where will collide with Paraguay, shortly before leaving out to Brazil. The team vinotinto, this time with white shirt, he went out to the field with the purpose of removing rhythm and was able to space the dynamic and Chilean skill and at the first time.

First you populated the center of the field, pulled the markings on Alexis Sanchez and took all the time in the world for lateral reruns, collection of fouls or goal kicks. Thus the game was played to the rhythm imposed by the experienced Juan Arango. And this type of Find Out More viagra 25 mg chronic diarrhea is also called “bile acid” diarrhea. There is nothing like driving your car around one cialis no prescription usa of this world-renowned racetrack’s extraordinarily high speed and enjoying the pleasure of intimacy to the max. Additionally, 13 female, comprising 19 men with a normal age of 55 had taken place for the study purpose. cheap cialis soft Sometimes, a side effect of certain medical courses is to spoil a man’s sexual performance order sildenafil . But when the Venezuelans took the ball, Cesar Gonzalez speed complicated again and again to the Chilean dense. In the first half Chile, considered favourite by shown so far in the tournament, took over the balloon, but usually played side by not find spaces to exploit the speed of Sanchez. Headbutt and surprise at the 34 minute Arango claimed a lack from the right wing and put a ball into the heart of the area.

Dnsa Oswaldo Vizcarrondo won him up for Ponce and his header could not be contained by Bravo. Surprise and astonishment among the more than 20,000 Chileans who nearly filled the stadium. The Red players continued without finding the ball, bothered by this and by the adverse score and accumulated yellow cards. The second half was another story. Claudio Borghi gave income to the Chilean brain Jorge Valdivia, who isn’t physically to play 90 minutes, and with their mere presence and a couple of allotments opened rival dnsa. Chile had three clear plays of goal in the first 15 minutes.