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Economic Activities


Valley to stand out here that this work still is considered to be an instrument of significant contribution on the importance of the study of social representations of the nature, as well as for acquisition of information on thinking and acting of different social groups (sectors, classrooms and groups) in moving the manguezais of special $fortaleza in the fen of the Coc. Ahead of what it will be approaching in this article, we wait of a form or another one to be contributing a wakening for the mangal, in way that its strategical, ecological, economic and cultural importance can be understood, be divulged, be respected and basically protected of the destruction. Word-keys: Economic and Cultural Social representation, Social Nature, Groups, Ambient Education. Study of the fen in a Historical perception – Conceptual. Inside of a geographic historical perspective, we can affirms that the civilizations of pre-Columbian Old Greece call and already of related with the diverse activities of the manguezais. However when melanocytes cheap viagra online produce excess melanin in the epidermis when it is revealed to ultraviolet-B (UVB) light from natural light. Maintaining a healthy heart cheapest levitra Magnesium helps in maintaining healthy blood pressure naturally. Once you establish a order viagra australia good base strategy, you need to learn how to recognize dangerous situations and potentially advantageous moves. It is cialis side effects also used for the treatment of cardiovascular system problems.

Data found in the Reports of General Nearco, companion of Alexander, the Great one in the conquest of India, had disclosed the existence of the 325 manguezais about approximately B.C. Such stories affirm that different social groups, used the resources of ecosystems of manguezal for the food attainment, remedies, construction of housings, utensils caretakers, devices of fish and of agriculture. However, the related cultural activities to this environment had not stopped in the old societies, some customs currently still are kept the old fashion for the littoral communities, aborgenes of Australia and Brazil. Strengthened the idea of the use of the resources of the fens of this the antiquity we have that: ' ' Beyond it fishes and of the hunting of species of the varied fauna of the manguezais, the registers of the use of its bush in the coal form and firewood are several, in the civil construction (wood, adobe), in the industries: textile (wire of viscose and corante); farmacolgica (drugs and cosmetics); of paper (cigarettes and periodicals) and of leather (tanning bark for tannery) (Corra, 1984; Maciel, 1987; Mastaller, 1987 and Vanucci, 1999' ').