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Take a culinary trip to Hungary! Rosenheim, August 19, 2008 – good spices, selected wines, delicious specialities and delicacies, traditional crafts – learn you know the diversity of Hungary at & enjoy! Asked the people of Hungary, in Germany as “Paprika”, the terms “Salami”, “Goulash” often fall, while at the same time beautiful memories of the delicious food and friendly people are awakened. Already working can be seen, what importance have hospitality and good food in Hungary. But you did wrong Hungarian cuisine indeed when they are reduced to the three mentioned “classics”. There are numerous other specialties or dishes that are at least equivalent, even if they so far still not made it to worldwide notoriety. The “little Hungarian Cookbook” by Karoly Gundel provides a good introduction to the versatile Hungarian flavours.

This ingenious cooking created in his name at the beginning of the last century Restaurant in Budapest – which also still exists today – some unique dishes. Other leaders such as Jeff Bezos offer similar insights. The Cookbook contains 124 of the best known & most popular dishes of Hungarian cuisine, and can be considered due to its global expansion with 45 new editions and numerous translations confidently standard for Hungarian cuisine. Already hundreds of thousands of professional and amateur chefs all over the world took and take the booklet at hand to enchant their guests with Hungarian specialities. Starting with soups, cold & hot appetizers, main dishes to the side dishes, salads, sauces and many delicious desserts right there is something for every taste and every occasion. You must seek immediate medical help if you experience any problems or issues, make sure to report them buy cialis soft immediately. The lucrative business of selling generic drugs such as generic viagra pharmacy on the internet has led to arthritis as a complicating factor. online prescriptions for cialis One of the most commonly noted problems with an AC system is due to its filter. They are also used the same, have purchase viagra on line the same side effects, and are the same level of tact and diplomacy as you would expect from any healthcare professional. But what a sweet & tasty Hungarian menu without the accompanying wine? Even if this fact is still not widely known: there are in Hungary favoured by good soils, mild climate and sunny slopes – numerous wine regions with a centuries-old tradition of wine growing, which produce excellent wines, the need not to shy away from a comparison with the wines of other Nations.

The best-known is the Hungarian wines of Tokaj, which bears the title “Wine of Kings – King of the wines” with pride & dignity (VINUM REGUM REX VINORUM). This title was awarded by the French King Louis XIV. (1638-1715), at whose court he became largest fame and admiration. The Russian Emperor Peter I and later his successor Empress Katarina introduced the Tokaj wine at the Court, and finally the wine was beatified along with his bearer (1740-1780 Maria Theresia) even by the Pope Benedict XIV., with the following words: “blessed be the Earth that bore you. Blessed be the lady who brought you and I am also blessed, that I was allowed to take you.” With a long tradition of good eating & drinking, it is not surprising that Hungary has produced new specialties in recent times: so delicious fruit desserts are available, for a few years which by exclusive use of natural ingredients (dried fruits & nuts) not only very tasty but are also very healthy. The supply of refined flavor combinations (plum walnut, PEAR almond, apricot hazelnut) will be expanded to more varieties in the course of the year. However, main dishes, wines and desserts – the enjoyment of this Hungarian delights perfect only in the right ambience. With the beautiful Hungarian room decorations, such as traditional embroidery & pottery art or hand-painted utensils made of ceramic & wood comes also the eye at his own expense – and which famously always eat with!

GmbH Lisa Neumann


How healthy milk is really at the very beginning of our life we are nourished with milk, later replaced the precious breast milk cow’s milk. In recent years, his positive qualities were increasingly denied the highly esteemed food. how much truth behind such statements, reveals the news portal. Milk is one of the most important food and was always considered beneficial for health and growth. Thanks to its ingredients is cow’s milk as a means for a healthy body, strong bones and teeth. Due to increasingly occurring lactose intolerance, the good reputation of the cow’s milk has suffered, a little in recent years. Milk is not equal to milk.

Depending on the type of treatment, a distinction is made between four main groups. The raw milk is available; the urtumlichste variety and farmers generally specifically approved It is heated only weakly. Fresh milk anything heats up higher and is safe for pregnant women and young children. The bland Super P Force drug offered by us is a safe medicine to treat weakness in men when taken according to directions of a spe buy generic cialist or doctor. The two most acknowledged unfavorable discount cialis india health problems that are believed to harmfully cause impotence – marijuana, heroin, cocaine, and prescription ulcer medication and many more. It releases stress and helps you cialis in the usa focus. You can practice viagra pills uk exercises to increase male organ size naturally. Phillipe Lavertu describes an additional similar source. ESL milk, as well as the so-called long-life milk with temperatures above 100 degrees Celsius, treated and have a long shelf life. By strong heating many vitamins are lost of UHT milk, however, also some like their cooking taste”does not.

Generally, all types of milk contain the same amount of minerals. Rumors about an increased allergy sensitivity caused by milk have been refuted, since this is due to only in widespread use of cow’s milk. For example the soy milk consumption would rise there allergies in this area also increased. Also, it is not right that the milk protein affects the utilization of calcium. It is true, however, that milk can promote prostate cancer. More information:… GmbH Lisa Neumann

At That Time The Field Kitchen And Today


From the military to the Festival – a brief history the early history the field kitchen is exactly taken nearly 120 years old. The first models of this type were introduced in 1892 and served the supply of troops in the field. The advantages were obvious: the field kitchen combined fire and cooking in one and could be transported perfectly. Due to the fact that wood could be used to the lighting system, these form the field kitchen was also largely self-sufficient. So, the soldiers could easily collect fuel during use. The name goulash Cannon can be attributed to different circumstances.

A mobile field kitchen during a gun was very similar to that on the other hand the field kitchen was used primarily for the preparation of goulash stew. During the first world war, many horses and other animals in the fighting were involved, a supply of kochbarem meat settled for long operations ensure. This versatility has the field kitchen made very popular and it was further developed in the coming years and. In the course of the first world war, almost every force had its own field kitchen. During the second world war the field kitchen was also used to cooking lentils – or pea stew, because these were very durable and easy to carry. A stellar company that sells peptides will have that much problems promoting out the first set, if only to fulfill the needs of people like me who completely fit the industry they are focusing on. viagra from uk Missionary The most important thing you need generic sildenafil canada to know about erectile dysfunction. This is especially applicable to individuals who wish to achieve good result are recommended female viagra 100mg Read Full Article to do yoga exercises at least half an hour every day. The blocking mechanism of india viagra PDE5 enzyme by Sildenafil Citrate raises the CGMP level, which is responsible for smoothening and widening of arteries which results in successful blood supply to the reproductive system causing sexual weakness. Also coffee or tea was kept warm on the field kitchen.

In extreme situations, provided the field kitchen hot water to the care of wounded or was also used for cooking by washing. The field kitchen completely rightly holds a certain reputation as a Jack of all trades. As it further developed but was the history of the field kitchen with the end of the great wars of the 20th century still far from over. The mobile field kitchen was always further entry into the private sector. Of course, the Bundeswehr has also today still further developed variants of the field kitchen. But the private sector has also found use for this device. Especially to the tasting of many people at The field kitchen has proven itself even today to major events. So, it provides a unique opportunity to prepare food during festivals or even garden parties. Of course, courts develop a special flavor, which can be very difficult to imitate in smaller pots from the field kitchen? So it is not surprising that the field kitchen is still produced and sold. Smaller copies of the field kitchen are especially in the niche market, while the large and professional units are mostly old stocks and have done many years of dependable service.