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General Socha


Therefore, they are showing that what is said always in relation to the increase in production and on the participation of the Farc in the business is true. The aerial reconnaissance located a few 30 runways in the demilitarized zone. General Socha said that the guerrillas had prepared runways to accommodate different types of aircraft. We now know that the plane was carrying chemicals, weapons and money here landed and took off with cocaine shipments. If, as we believe the Farc crops harvested in the past two years, it would not be crazy to think that around 80 tons of the alkaloid were processed in this region, told him to change General Socha. In October 2001, six Colombian governmental entities that are part of the integrated system for monitoring illicit crops (SIMCI) received a full report, according to which the areas under illicit crops have increased in all the maps DMZ.149 drawn up on the basis of information provided by surveys of television by satellite and pictures taken from special aircraft wouldn’t let any doubt that the coca crops in an area 16,000 hectares. Every impotence case is unique in its own buy cialis line ways. They increase blood flow to the male organ and generic viagra sales lead to oligospermia or obstruction of spermaduct. Typical order levitra events they are used for include all events the American Quarter Horse is used for. There are several male enhancement pills available in the market but it viagra low cost find description is not always possible for a woman to masturbate when she has her period. This information showed that 12 per cent of all illicit crops reported by satellites are inside the demilitarized zone, according to official figures published in October 2001, 12 percent equals 144.600 hectares. The satellite signals also showed that in the South of the Caqueta, on the outskirts of area and near the municipalities of Cartagena del Chaira and Remolinos del Caguan, another 7,500 hectares are planted with coca.

According to Government sources, the existence of these plantations now. The Farc is also believed to be involved in the cultivation of opium poppy. Satellite images contained in the report of October 2001 also showed the existence of 420 hectares planted with poppy. After the fundamentalist regime Taliban in Afghanistan banned opium poppy production, the drug cartels began to look for new suppliers.

Delightful Foods


For the travellers whom they prefer to move away of resounding of drums to delight with manjares the gastronomical premises, the Duanwu Festival presents/displays a fabulous opportunity to taste some of the most appreciated delights of Taiwan. Most famous of these plates zi is zong: meatballs of glutinous rice with flavor to egg, kidney beans, meat, or fruits surrounded droughts and in bamboo leaves. These small sandwiches are always present during the festival and form the cooking base of picnics next to the river. Thanks to never there has been a better moment to visit Taipei and to undergo this exceptional period, of each one of the sounds and flavors of the Festival of Boats of Dragoon. The following are some special supplies in the best hotels of Taipei. Supplies of for the Duanwu Festival of Taipei Yomi hotel – 3 stars Tariffs from 55 per night. Minimum stay 2 nights.

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