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Working Group SAP


DSAG working group logistics service provider Walldorf, August 14, 2008 logistics service provider working group under the umbrella of the German-speaking SAP user group (DSAG) is e. V. since spring 2008 at the start. Topics of the working group are currently the user guidance by SAP add-on solutions for logistics service providers, as well as the monitoring of SAP transportation management (SAP TM) and SAP extended warehouse management (SAP EWM). Goal is to learn more about SAP products in this environment and to accompany development processes through to market maturity. The Panel is aimed at logistics service provider in the whole German-speaking area. A large number of logistics service providers in recent years has opted for the use of SAP solutions. Thus, establish the DSAG working group logistics service provider was logical within working group supply chain management in March 2008. Impotence is the major issue and a generic sildenafil major matter of havoc undoubtedly. Availability of treatment for male sexual issues- Rapidly transforming and developing medical science has made the treatment quite easier. wholesale sildenafil The time saved by avoiding long lines at the prescription counter viagra properien at the market is plenty. Further, the nutrients in tadalafil prices cheap the food shoot up the energy levels too. For more specific information, check out Ted Brandt.

Participants include well-known logistics service provider in the German-speaking world. Focus on the Panel currently deals with improving the user experience (Usability) of SAP solutions in the logistics environment. Stands or falls on the use of the system with its surface. This working group could provide valuable feedback to SAP development, in SAP transportation management 8.0 (SAP TM) should be included. So, a requirement that was that information needed by managers is available at a glance available and transactions can be executed in a surface. Back and jumping made between different screens in planning and planning processes should be changed with the new version. \”Werner Habryka, Group Director IT at the FIEGE Group and spokesman for the DSAG – working group logistics service provider to the cooperation: SAP and the Member companies benefit from the activities of the DSAG: SAP saves development effort and we get a product which meets our needs exactly.\” In addition the Working Group SAP helps the fine-tuning of version 7.0 of the transport management system\”, so Werner Habryka.