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Published March 11, 2021

Speaking of advertising goods b2b (industrial goods) must be clearly understood that the only means of ATL (direct advertising) success is not achieved. Media, Internet, television, radio, outdoor advertising and all that relates to the direct Advertising, of course, must be present in the arsenal of competent advertiser. However, the maximum value can be obtained by combining different ways of moving goods b2b. Ie using integrated marketing communications, synergy of the four areas – advertising, direct selling, sales promotion and public relations. It's simple – only a comprehensive approach to the issue of withdrawal and promote the products on the market guarantees a positive result. Naturally, a sound approach to the skilful distribution of forces and means. Detail to write about integrated marketing communications will not, without this information and the Internet abound. For you, I think, is much more important know how and what to use for advertising goods b2b are marketed.

So. Others including Apple Hearing Study, offer their opinions as well. General. Briefly. With comments like that I applied to their own activities – advertising electrical goods) Direct advertising b2b. As I already said this: – TV (we use periodically, and mostly local or regional) – radio (read above) – newspapers and magazines (local, regional, industry-specific editions) – Internet (oh yeah! !, and very active) – outdoor advertising (makes sense if the install shield near the point of sale or a factory, but the experience without much success). For a man to have the best love cheapest viagra 100mg life. Most of the available drugs were not affordable viagra uk purchase for the majority of people. The main idea behind this was to avoid the chances of having your sex drive suppressed, you should limit the intake of food items containing Liquorice. 4. best viagra pills Still, most patients have to live with the symptoms all their life. sildenafil 100mg viagra Direct Marketing. – Postal and e-mail (direct mail, we use very often) – phone marketing (also a great theme), Sales Promotion.

– Exhibition (involved in the central and regional), – seminars and presentations (a must !!!), – incentive stock for traders, if the sale is carried out through dealerships and other companies (mainly Discount policy) – bonuses, lotteries, contests … Further details can be found at Kevin Ulrich, an internet resource. (makes sense, if your product, including retail) – sampling – the distribution of the samples and placing booths with products at point of sale (if you can your product present in small numbers, for example, bulk materials, cable, metal, etc. – Use all means!) – Enabling activities for its staff (if sales are made by the enterprise) – Handouts (POS): catalogs, flyers, brochures and Souvenirs – an indispensable attribute of promoting goods b2b; – product-placement (fairly new phenomenon for Russia, but if your product, including for the average consumer, For example, paint, cables, construction materials, it is possible to use), – event-event (event marketing) would be nice to sponsor and some mass sporting or cultural event. PR (communications with public). – Contacts with the media (newsletters, press conferences, etc. – must be present in your work required) – contact with various bodies and organizations, social programs – Printed product image character, including in foreign languages, – intra-communication (remember – your staff is also a tool for promotion of industrial goods). What I quoted above, it the basis on which will be based strategy for promoting your goods, ie advertising b2b. Each instrument is individually good, but the skillful combination, can achieve much more, and most importantly – saving own funds. A selection of articles on advertising b2b advertising industries in the section on my website. Anna Linden