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Published October 28, 2014

Sale starts German real estate and Grundbesitz AG by 18 apartments Frankfurt am Main June 2011. The German real estate and Grundbesitz AG (DIG AG) acquired the residential Park Pirmasens. The mostly rented apartments create a lucrative investment option with its modern facilities, convenient location and purchase prices well below the market value. Real estate buyer of DIG AG will also benefit from exclusive services such as the Leaser airbag and a personal care after the purchase. With the acquisition of the residential Park of Pirmasens, the DIG AG is continuing its necessitates. The German real estate and Grundbesitz AG (DIG AG) assumes a total of six apartment buildings with three units in its portfolio. The upscale condominium in 1995 in solid construction is situated in a convenient location in the South of the Palatine regional capital and provides a living environment that is close to town, yet quiet. With areas from 37 to 87 square metres as well as spacious balconies or terraces are the 2- and 3-bedroom apartments ideal for singles and Small families.

All apartments are located in a good to very good condition. The facilities of the fully cellar objects include laminate flooring, insulating glazing and window sills made of stone or aluminium. The power supply provides a gas fired central heating. A private parking space in the underground garage belongs to each unit. Since this year, carried out modernization measures provide a further increase in the residential and resale value of all 18 units. levitra sale It simply works by providing a better erection within you with the help of these pills. Calcium channel blockers, such as Plendil, Cardene, Procardia and Cardil often used to treat high blood pressure, low priced viagra 2 ounces of Cardio Cocktail generally seems to work effectively for erectile dysfunction treatment. Whenever you feel like making love or willing to have sex with your partner for tadalafil 20mg generic a long time. It can viagra order cheap also help with diabetic issues according to numerous scientific journals. The anticipated rental yields make the objects in the residential Park Pirmasens to a lucrative investment option. According to the current value of the building, as well as the high degree of modernisation, the German real estate and Grundbesitz AG (DIG AG) anticipates rental income of up to 7 euros per square metre.

The DIG AG offers the flats significantly below market value. The 3-bedroom apartments are available currently for 79,000 euros for sale (market value around 92,000 euros), the 2-bedroom apartments are already have a market value of 50.195 euro for 45,000 euros. For safety at the Real estate provides real estate and Grundbesitz AG with a Leaser airbag and an initial rental guarantee, which will ensure sustainable rental yields the Germans. The sale of the apartments by the German real estate and Grundbesitz AG (DIG AG) has already begun. The DIG AG could sell due to their strong sales structures and a high demand within the first two weeks of private investors 14 of 18 units. Investors who are interested in a commitment to the real estate site Pirmasens, received an initial personal consultation from the German real estate and Grundbesitz AG (DIG AG) under the number 0800-150 536 84 weekdays. More information: about the German real estate und Grundbesitz AG (DIG AG) the German real estate and Grundbesitz AG (DIG AG) is an independent real estate company. The core competence of the German real estate and Grundbesitz AG consists in the purchase of non-performing real estate portfolios in the organized, worth optimizing real estate management and the referral to investors. Seat of the German Frankfurt am Main is real estate and Grundbesitz AG (DIG AG). Amateur German real estate and real estate AG Mr Eugen Krause West port 1 60327 Frankfurt am Main, Germany telephone: 0800-150 536 84 fax: (069) 710 456 450 E-Mail: Internet: