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Published December 27, 2023

When the child reaches the age of two, usually parents prefer to send him to kindergarten. Many inexperienced parents believe that the child already has all the things that are necessary for a hike in kindergarten, but then It turns out that he does not have a lot of things. If you are not convinced, visit Russell Reynolds. What you need to have to visit the child care? Boy on weekdays should be a t-shirt, shorts, Gym shoes, slippers, tights and a warm sweatshirt. With such a set of clothes, the boy will be able to easy to strip and change clothes. Also, he must have clothes on holidays. Indeed, in kindergartens are often held mornings.

For the holidays would be the best set of things such as white shirt, black vest, black pants and a tie in the form of a butterfly. For girls as everyday clothing you can buy a skirt with an elastic band, shirt, sweater, white tights and slippers, the Czech. On holidays, she would be the best beautiful dress. Boys and girls must have outerwear. This, above all, Mid-season jacket from waterproof fabric, the jacket in the winter, hat, scarf and comfortable shoes, which can be easily removed and worn. Giving a child in kindergarten Keep in mind that child care workers, especially, require that the clothes were neat, convenient, and should not constrict movement. The kid should if possible be able to handle himself with the clothes. In case of need teacher or nurse, always ready to help.