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Published January 31, 2021

The results I assure you that you will outweigh by far. We are going to start. And so it is necessary that not feel any garment of clothing or object you press. A belt, shoes, fasteners, necktie even watch or a ring. If you feel that something you tightening unbutton it or remove it. It is also important that you choose a time of day that you know you will not be interrupted, that you can throw in a not very hard surface with a small pillow. You must lie with legs extended and slightly apart, arms along the body with the palms of the hands facing down. Alternatively, you can relax in a comfortable armchair or even in the office swivel chair.

Remember that it is better to practice sitting to not practice. Don’t let laziness you expires, you have to be constant for results. The first step consists of a series of slow, deep breaths as described in the previous section while you feel that your body is weighing more and more. Then you will go through muscle groups indicated by muscle force and relaxing. Everytime you completing one of the groups breathe three or four times before moving to the next. 1 We start with the feet. Extend as much as possible by bending your fingers forward. Feel the tension for a few seconds and It relaxes the muscles enjoying such relief.

Repeat two or three times. Modified relaxes your feet. 2 We continue with legs. Collapses the calf with force. Feel the tension and its relief two or three times. It is not necessary here that you move or you bending the legs, just put them under tension. Rises upwards and now collapses the thighs, feel tension and its relief, do the same with the buttocks. Breathe slowly a few times. 3. Nowadays Ginseng capsules and extracts are easily available in the market that can damage purchase generic viagra your health. It has since been approved by regulatory authorities in over 100 countries cheapest tadalafil around the world. The problem of impotence has become a nightmare in every angle as men end up sleeping on a couch instead of providing pleasure filled satisfaction to their respective partners. cialis no prescription Isn’t it funny cialis properien how something so new and unique can become so troublesome! Most of us were blown away when e-mail first came to fruition. Now your back. Contracts and relaxes the lower part of the back two or three times, you focus on your feelings. Breathe slowly and imagine that your legs weigh more. When relaxing, you will notice that they rely more on the ground, as if they really weighted more. Breathe slowly and stay so a few moments enjoying the feeling. 4 It is the turn of the abdomen. Put hard belly with strength, relax, repeat the exercise. Breathe and imagine it becoming more loose. 5 Now go into fists, close them with force firmly, relax them. Retracts the arm muscles with force, it is not necessary that doubles them even though you can do it if you wish, feel tension, relax them, repeat the exercise. Recover slow and deep breathing imagining that your arms ever weigh more, resting on the floor. Enjoy this feeling. 6. The shoulders. Lift them up with force and let them drop. Feel the tension and relaxation. He breathes. 7 Neck and nape. Collapses the nape and relax. Neck is turned to the right and relax you. Rotate the neck to the left and relax you. 8 Contracts and relaxes with force different muscles of the head. Wrinkle forehead, you arch your eyebrows, close your eyes firmly, you wrinkle your nose, tightening the jaws, tightening the lips, pastes with force the tongue on the palate. Breathe deeply and enjoy to feel how your head every time weighs more sinking on the cushion or soil. 9 As last step travels mentally through your body, you may notice a sense of heaviness or light heat.