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Published December 13, 2014

Over 100,000 Germans had in 2009 alone to the medical psychological examination no other country in Europe has it, the medical psychological examination (short MPU). The assessment referred to in the vernacular of idiot test to verify the suitability of driving by drivers that has become conspicuous in the traffic and decides the re-granting of the licence. Instead of reducing, the number increasing in the last few years. So had 103.137 licence owner for review in 2008, in 2009 the number of participants rose to 106.082. Figures for 2010 are published by the Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt) end of November 2011 and may mark a new high point. It is striking in that the number of alcohol-related assessment occasions fell in the last five years, while further increased the number of traffic-striking drivers (more than 18 points). Surprising, too, that only about 7% of all MPU distribute orders on the female sex.

Men are so with 93% of MPU participants in a powerful majority. The myth, not to be able to pass the MPU and basically to fail the first time remains stubbornly for years. The same rule needs viagra online to be applied when buying medicines online. There are a few more but these seem to be the thing of today with more and more men investing in such formulation. levitra discount Water type of Schizophrenia (Kapha): Phlegm causes the patient to enjoy solitude. viagra soft 100mg Sommer reported the findings this week’s annual meeting of the American Urology Association in San Antonio. “The preliminary results are quite stimulating, that these drugs can be used for treatment or prevention of benign prostatic symptoms, erectile dysfunction and cardiovascular disease” Sommer and colleagues write in their abstract submission. “They [drugs], it seems that there is a so-called” men’s health pills potential. ” But of course, this only try description tadalafil 100mg works for relatively low. Of course, the percentage of the MPU Durchfaller is relatively high at about 35%, but also do not know many participants that increase the chances, on a positive MPU with proper preparation E.g. by books, software or best a traffic psychological advice to over 90%. Finger away from the temptation to acquire driver’s license without MPU a EU. These dubious deals keep for years in the business and cost the transferee of the licence ultimately nothing but trouble (so you must demonstrate as a permanent resident 185 days residence in the country with at least dating of licence) and lots of money.

In addition the licence authority for renewed irregularities may the Polish, Czech, Croatian etc. Insert driver’s license immediately and one new MPU prompt is available in the room. Examinees should review the topic It also use be so unpleasant a so not hush, but the numerous, (also free) counselling by TuV, Pima, assume DEKRA and co. and detailed inform about the possibilities to prepare to survive the MPU in the first time. Felicitas Reichenbach