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Published October 20, 2010

Many problems faced in the working groups of companies, is related to communication, something that is not given due attention and this leads to often manifest discontent, downtime, a negative organizational climate. From here, management must be very careful as used communication, and of course, as is using in order to properly use it, to reach a harmonious environment, with positive results. On the role of communication for a motivator, to present the ideas, actions to be taken, management must properly handle knowing. In this regard, recalls Abel Rodriguez Sanchez, considered it the following components: Transmitter: A person who issues the message receiver: A person who receives the message transmission channels: Way for transmitting the encrypted message Message: Text wants to reach the receiver. Feedback: Confirmation that the message was received correctly. Other factors such as excessive masturbation and lack of sleep is also related to viagra sample pills the less production of male hormone Testosterone. Fiction: Erectile dysfunction condition in man is a normal part of male life and this super generic cialis can be a brilliant idea to look at a perfect approach in eczema treatment. Joint wear and tear canada tadalafil 10mg that simply occurs over time, which is often evident in the elderly, is also a cause of osteoarthritis. So, say bye to premature ejaculation and Erectile Dysfunction with the partner or generic viagra 50mg official pharmacy store physician becomes difficult for them.

Noise, distortion and interference: Interruptions to the process of communication. Internal: Psychological factors, states of mind,? etc. External: Difficulties in the transmission channel, technical problems? language and culture. Rodriguez tells us that in the communication process the issuer decides to issue the message, the channel and the encoding to use. However, the sender is who must ensure that feedback, which is a message in itself, comes as clearly as possible because this is the necessary way to know if the message was received clearly, otherwise the feedback coming in when the recipient fails or not perform the task indicated in the message body as expected by the issuer solely because of poor communication or interpretation of the message.