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Published February 3, 2010

Life and work After completing his studies in 1978 in the distinguished Academy of Performing Arts (FAMU) in Prague (where he made the film Guernica, which in 1978 received his first award at the Film Festival Karlovy Vary, Kusturica began directing for the Yugoslav Television. He made an auspicious film debut with Do You Remember Dolly Bell (Sjecas li se, Dolly Bell) 1981 film which won this year’s Golden Lion award at the Festival Venice film. With Father Was Away on Business (Otac slu benom na putu) 1985, won the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival, five awards Yugoslavs, and was nominated for Oscars for “Best Foreign Language Film. “both Do You Remember Dolly Bell as Father Was Away on Business were made in collaboration with Abdulah Sidran, a leading contemporary Bosnian writer and poet who wrote the script for both films with many autobiographical elements.In 1989, Kusturica was even more accolades for Time of the Gypsies (Dom za vesanje), a penetrating but magical look into gypsy culture and the exploitation of their youth. Kusturica continued to make great movies of popularity within the next decade, including his American debut with the absurd comedy, The Dream of Arizona ( “Arizona Dreams”) (1993), and again won the Palme d’Or in 1995 with the epic black comedy “Underground”. The famous musician Goran Bregovi composed the music for several films, including Time of the Gypsies, Arizona Dream (with Iggy Pop) and Underground. “Underground”, written by Du an Kova evi and financed by the Yugoslav state channel, caused some controversy. The film details the history of Yugoslavia since the outbreak of the Second World War to the Balkan War started in the nineties.While some critics pointed out that it was a propaganda depicting the conflict from a perspective pro-Serbian, others pointed to his ironic characterization of ethnicity in the Balkans to the detriment of all. In 1998 Kusturica won the Silver Lion for best director at the Venice Film Festival for “black cat, white cat” ( “Crna macka, Beli Macor), a wildly farcical comedy set in a Gypsy camp on the banks of Danube. cialis generic pharmacy It is often combined with topical steroids to limit the severity of hormonal imbalance and its symptoms. It will give you great satisfaction and fulfill your cialis de prescription need. But the patent protection viagra prices period is over and now a lot of companies and some foreign pharmacies are producing the medicine with cheap rate. Men tend to lead generic levitra online thought about that an unhealthy lifestyle, which is one of the most potent weight gain supplement for women that can increase blood flow and combat other physical problems that increase erectile function. In 2000 the film The Widow of St. Pierre (La Veuve de Saint-Pierre “) directed by Patrice Leconte Kusturica makes his second appearance as an actor with only a couple of lines, the first done in the” Underground “, where appears a few seconds as a weapons buyer. In 2001 he directed “Super 8 Stories”, a typical documentary “on the road” on the tour and life of musicians from Emir Kusturica The No Smoking Orchestra.This hilarious film offers a view behind the scenes and is full of material on intimate, small nuances to “read between the lines” and details of the “small pleasures” of its protagonists,. In the film “The Good Thief” ( “The Good Thief”), 2002, directed by Neil Jordan, Kusturica electric guitar and plays a security expert who is constantly playing riffs from Jimi Hendrix. In 2004 Kusturica and his film “Life is a Miracle” ( ivot je cudo) regarding the Yugoslav civil war, received the National Education Award (Prix de l’Education Nationale) in France. “Life is a miracle” will be used as an educational tool at the national level, in conjunction with an instructional CD-ROM designed to encourage analysis and debate among students. Emir Kusturica won the 2005 European Architecture Award for his project Phillipe Rotthier citadel ethnic Drvengrad “(” wooden town “) located on Mount Zlatibor in Serbia.The award is given every three years by the Foundation for Architecture “(” Fondation pour l’architecture “) in Brussels, Belgium and is one of the most prestigious Belgian and European awards in the fieldof architecture. At the Cannes Film Festival 2005 served as Chairman of the Jury. In 2008 performed Maradona by Kusturica, a documentary dedicated to the famous footballer Diego Armando Maradona.