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Published April 22, 2010

Life and Living with Feng Shui Feng Shui, translated wind and water, means the art and science of living in harmony with the environment. Wind and water are two of the most basic Chinese characters with the meaning of Public Health forms of life energy. Feng Shui is known as the Chinese art of harmonious design, direct and indirect habitats. For many centuries, the Chinese apply the feng shui to build the houses to design cities and bury the dead. Even today, Feng Shui belongs to everyday life. Feng Shui masters are consulted when it comes to determining locations for offices and shops, to build houses according to Feng Shui principles and to help the family, health and prosperity. Also burial sites will be selected later to determine the descendants of a cheap place. Feng Shui in your own home in your own living room Applied Feng Shui practices can increase the energy of life of residents, prevent fatigue and lethargy, and mental deficits favorable influence and personalStrengths increase. Each housing has an influence on the flow of energy in various areas of life. In the interior design is to ensure that no unwanted energy in the rooms may fix. The basic idea of feng shui is that the person has influence over his environment, but also the environment to humans. The main concern of the ancient Chinese practice of Feng Shui is to feel good at home, to be healthy and happy. Apply Feng Shui at Work Feng Shui at Work, has an influence on the success, performance, career, creativity and the relationship between the employees. The judicious choice of seats and jobs, including pictures, plants, etc., can achieve an improvement of the energy in the workplace. The colors in Feng Shui Colors are very important feng shui tool. Colors affect the mental and physical well-being. This is the selection of colors in the home is an important aspect. Shades of Red: Red isexciting and dynamic. Reds are to stimulate and activate. The revolutionary functional medicine identifies the root cause of a disease tadalafil prices cheap and curing it completely. After the cost of the doctor visit, the price for one cialis 25mg pill can approach and frequently exceeds $5.00. The same chemical inhibitor influencing male sexual brokenness cialis online pill impacts pelvic blood stream in ladies. It is not intended low priced cialis as a substitute for the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of painful disorders are focused on the body’s internal clock to look for ways to become more virile and potent. Red stands for happiness, warmth, glory and power. Shades of blue: blue conveys a sense of rhythm and flexibility. Shades of blue and channel precious energy can increase and help to follow the true inclinations. Blue stands for: growth and hope. Greens: Green has a calming effect on the senses. Greens can promote access to their own selves and to help connect with the inner roots in contact. Green stands for: peace, hope, fresh shades of yellow: Yellow has a stimulating energy. Yellows are dealing with faith and inspiration. You can increase the sense of reality. Yellow gives you the feeling of serenity. Yellow stands for tolerance, patience and wisdom. Orange tones: orange warms, brightens, gives courage and joy. Oranges solve depression and melancholy and strengthen self-esteem. Orange stands for: warmth and serenity of white and silver tones: white and silverenhance self-esteem. White and silver tones give a feeling of purity and integrity. More than whites affects silver. With silver can improve chances of success in every respect. White and silver are available for: light, healing, enlightenment. Here you will find beautiful Chinese characters – Calligraphy – Feng Shui for your home photos and business.