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Published October 27, 2019

Currently, young people constitute a significant part of the working population of Primorye, and it affects the future development of the region. Primorye aged 17-24 years – mostly students and students who have already received the diploma complete their education or vocational training. Employment – the main task facing them. Young professionals are the most vulnerable group in the labor market due to the fact that they have no adequate professional and social experience, and therefore less competitive. The problem of the formation of youth labor market of paramount importance and requires careful analysis.

About this – our conversation with ev Chernivtsi, head of the department of higher education and science of the Department of Education and Science of the Primorsky Territory. Trivia surrounding Kamagra is interesting that originally created to increase blood flow to the heart Visit Your URL order cheap levitra and its vessels. Symptoms :- Fever Headache Redness in eyes Flushing of canadian cialis online face and many more. If any such symptom check out for source viagra no prescription occurs then without any delay contact your doctor. Infobarrel articles unique only worldwide 75 adshare 2 referral adshare infobarrel viagra in stores is a social media website where users can share videos and images. – Catherine Veniaminovna how much the province of higher education institutions? Enough for In order to produce the required number of specialists? – In the Primorsky region formed a stable, with a long tradition of higher education system. She is represented by ten state civilian universities, one military, two non-high schools, two branches of state universities and seven private universities branches of the central cities of Russia. In addition, the province has about sixty representative offices and branches of edge universities. Universities Region today can provide almost any area of social and economic development of modern experts. – It turns out that almost all high school graduates pursuing higher education, understanding it as a guarantee of successful employment in Vladivostok? – Now universities are able to accept almost all high school graduates, and every third graduate has an opportunity receive education, financed from the federal budget.