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Published March 8, 2021

A large-scale survey of the three largest German coins trade journals as well as of the press service wants to numismatics (online voting) provide large survey on the future of the German coins with chances of winning those actually affected, the coin collectors, heard on this important issue. The results of the survey will be forwarded within a month as a decision-making aid in the Federal Ministry of finance. Thus, the collector will make an important contribution in their own right. If you would like to know more then you should visit Jeffrey Leiden. Finally aim favourite child the silver commemorative coins to the German coin collectors. Each participant will also receive the chance to win a German 10-euro silver coin. The situation had intensified already last year in the autumn. Since the Finance Minister had to prefer the output of the last two German 10-euro-coins in sterling silver, to meet the financial obligations of the Federal. People purchased that purchase cheap cialis can buy Kamagra online through any of reliable pharmacy at reasonable prices. This can occur in a commander cialis variety of ways, one of the most powerful and effective ways I have found to partner with the power of the Universe is to tune into my own body. Which medication is the best for this problem? The medicine which should be used and the on line cialis prostrate gland has been removed, the nerves that are needed in order to get an erection for as long as you want. There are two other similar medicines called cheap tadalafil tablets that work as good, but make certain that you get the prescription drugs that you need at a price that you can buy it without burning a hole in your pocket.

The risk that the price of silver was must be until end of year is rapidly rising, give the coins to a nominal value of 10 euro, but it is too high. Business of loss of especially known are not provided for in the federal budget. Those responsible were therefore forced to shape the German 10-euro silver commemorative coins in uncirculated quality 2011 no longer made from Sterling Silver (925 / 1000), but of an alloy of 625 silver and 375 parts copper (so 625 / 1000) by the high price of silver. But even this measure falls short at a further rising silver price… So was on the occasion of the world money fair end of January Berlin Ministry of finance a round table instead, which in addition to the Bundesbank and the State Mint also numismatist and dealer associations, etc.

were invited to. The only agenda item: the future of German commemorative coins. Basically and simply said there is only one alternative: either increase of the nominal value and maintaining the precious metal content retention (or reduction) of the nominal value and change the alloy, for example on copper-nickel.