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Published March 8, 2010

In the past 15 years the development of the group, based on research, has meant moving from sales of 200 million pesetas (1.2 million) to 360 million euros and more than 2,500 workers. The group responsible for the market does not want war with anyone. But given the ubiquitous presence of the group of traditional donut Panrico, Europastry achieved Dots product for a market share of 25 , with a marketing shops ranging from classic to restore, through major distributors. In the sixties, Pere Gall s it operated as a miller and baker craftsman, following the traditional activity: work at night to have fresh bread available the next morning.He understood, however, that there must be other ways to deliver a quality product with benefits to bakers and consumers. In the eagerness to find new outlets for its activity in 1983, during a fair in France, found the market a frozen raw dough before fermentation. Back in Spain started the development of work in that direction until a new product, frozen pre-baked bread, using the technique of stop cooking just before the end of the process. This involved the possibility of achieving a frozen product that was initially developed only with bread and that currently applies to all types of pastries and frozen masses. “We have quality products, transportation and storage easy and quick use in the manufacture of chemical preservatives are not used or trans fats,” says group founder’s son, Jordi Gall s, current CEO of the company.”The secret has been a determined commitment from the beginning of the investigation.” According to the data handled by the group, the annual investment in R D exceeds 12 million. The drugs are an alternative of viagra levitra viagra, which consists of sildenafil citrate since the active component. Key ingredients in Overnight oil are Beer Buti, Lavang, Somal, Javitri, Aak ka Doodh, Jaiphal, Kesar and click over here cialis 5mg cheap Ghee. Some of the most common stuffs which are creating havoc in personal relationships for viagra price you could look here men around the world. Smoking can damage your penile nerves and harden your erectile arteries, making the blood flow sluggish. prescription cialis In the research department working 20 people. Europastry has established itself as the leader in the production of frozen bread and pastry preheat. Of its turnover of 360 million euros, approximately half is for bread, and the rest were quick-frozen pastries and masses can be consumed after thawing process 10 minutes. Group sales of 40 is sold through traditional channels, 30 in establishments catering and a 30 increase in general stores, especially supermarkets. This commitment to the frozen product has not meant giving up bread made and marketed by the traditional system.The group also sold part of its production through its own establishments Molivell chain, primarily in Catalonia. To continue reading the story, click on the title … This news, in my opinion, we could relate it to one of the types of markets we studied recently, namely the “monopolistic competition”, in which one company already has enough time in the food market as is being Panrico, has been in the fight with this other company, Europastry, which, based on a large investment in R D (Research Development, who also have named) have managed to increase his marketability and development up areas multinationals.