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Published September 30, 2014

And suddenly are prohibited from smoking! Who is going to compensate for those businesses that were left a fortune to adapt their premises to the new rules? Who is going to compensate those bars and restaurants that will lose part of their clientele (although it is likely to lose it temporarily (hasta que la gente se haga a la idea) for not allowing smoking? Should have applied this law during the crisis or was it better to wait for better times to throw it?. Simple questions unanswered, at least I have not heard the Government to answer them. I answer them one by one. Anyone going to compensate, though since the Government says that they will have more tax advantages. What you give them on the one hand be removed by another, as always. Bars and restaurants have lost clientele is known by all.

The clientele will again likely, is a matter of time. Ajanta pharmacy viagra canada free developed this medication to help men in treating erectile dysfunction effectively. Wheelchair assessment is the most important aspect that should be cheap cialis from canada considered as one of the most serious health disorder in men. If you’re eating foods with high fructose corn syrup and high levels of glucose in our bodies has to do with generic levitra 5mg insulin. It viagra france pharmacy Visit This Link improves the clogged arteries and augments the blood flow throughout the system. Of course nobody will compensate them. And the last…If awareness us, giving more when applying the law, but if one thing is certain is that the owner of a bar dismissed one of its employees same day January 2 with the excuse that the anti-smoking law had caused a decline in the number of clients in your local, when the law had only a few hours running (that close him the premises by ready), which causes more than one ready takes advantage of situations to send people to the street and so fatten the INEM lists (but that’s another story). What I wonder is as did the calculation of lost customers in a few hours and for the entire season, this man is a genius and should have a position of importance in Endesa. Finally delusions of a former smoker, which has left many thing out. Can only wish good luck to the brave people fighting against cold and influenza A (sorry, reminded that influenza A was only an invention of certain pharmaceutical companies and who, so we undermine A) to enjoy a few minutes of pleasure and promote cancer of lung or other cardiovascular diseases as well, but always remembering that enjoyed the company of my inseparable companion for 21 years, my cigarette. Question: If a package of tobacco costs around 4 (most commercial brands), and about 70% are taxes, how much money fails to enter the State on the basis of the tobacco tax, and who is going to pay this difference in revenue in government coffers? We are here: smoking By Edu original author and source of the article