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Published December 16, 2023

They could sell between three and five million tablets in the last quarterly of the year. The analysts see success possibilities if the tablet costs 300 dollars less than. Amazon not yet has confirmed the launching of his ' tablet'. The Amazon vestibule could sell between three and five million tablets in the last quarterly of the year and to become the main rival of iPad thus, assure the company Forrester Research in an analysis. Amazon not yet has announced officially that is going to send to the market its own tablet, but the analysis of market of Forrester assures that, under concrete conditions, the product could become a success. The analyst Rotman SARAH maintains that a tablet sent to a price below the 300 dollars (about 207 Euros) could always give Amazon – and when it has provisions sufficient to respond to the demand sales among three and five million only in the last quarterly of the year. " We see potential in Amazon not only to send its own hardware like an own tablet, but also stops to be a platform for developers that expand the software and the services of the company to offer one more a richer experience for consumidor" , it published Rotman, that considers that in a year it could have different tablets of Amazon invoiced by different companies from hardware.

" Apple owns 100,000 applications designed for iPad, whereas the platform Honeycomb de Google has attracted less than 300 aplicaciones" , it pointed the analyst. Apple has sold almost 30 million of iPads from its opening in April of 2010, but the rival companies as soon as they have intimidated to the technological giant with its proposals. Motorola on sale sold 440,000 units of its Xoom tablets in his first months, whereas RIM registered average million sales of their Blackberry Playbook. This same month, Hewlett-Packard cancelled its TouchPad after poor sales, although its price was reduced to 99 dollars. HP confirmed the interruption of the production of their apparatuses with operating system WebOs, including the TouchPad, a technology that it acquired when absorbing Palm in 2010 with the aim of being based in the flourishing sector of the movable devices. Source of the news: Amazon could become the great rival of Apple in the flourishing market of tablets