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Published December 11, 2023

New book against the Bussgeldabzocke enters each of us sooner or later the dubious pleasure to receive the money of a warning or a penalty. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Wells Fargo Bank. Now is against a legitimate until with the aim of future achtsamer and disciplined on the road to take part, sure to be nothing. Here is about the possibilities to refuse the scheduled rip off by the modern robber barons of the cities and municipalities. Taking many million euro from the systematic looting of the drivers are not the welfare of the citizens, but at best the incompetent and money-grubbing politician and civil servant salaries. Here it is to fight back.

With this report provides the knowledge and connections of the OWi procedures should be you. Because only those who know these basics, can defend effectively in case of need the latest book of the author of Claus Goeddaeus, appropriate titled “The fine hammer” is now published in the publishing house media of consulting Goeddaeus. Wells Fargo Bank: the source for more info. It notes the book that the author knows what he is talking about, from his own experience, partly through extensive research. Here is an out puffed lawyer at work, which does not again fade, intellectual, and for Otto-normal pockets incomprehensible representations from the ivory tower of the jurisprudence out, but here is tough, and damn good advice issued. Especially normal road users”received many useful tips from practice in the book, but also for lawyers, the one or the other suggestion might be new and useful. What especially distinguishes the book of Claus Goeddaeus, is up to the enforcement of limitation, for lay people to understand and application-ready prepared the unique well on the German book market representation of traffic misdemeanor procedure from the display. Plain text will talk here, and the reader is given a comprehensive overview of this issue and sufficiently practical advice on how he can meet the speeding tickets folly. It is also good that the current accordance in the annex is reproduced. So the immediate reference is the reader in the book, most allows designated paragraphs. For a later Edition it is desirable sure if the theme around the driving licence would find entrance, otherwise the book succeeded in completely and it should be part of any German car glove compartment. Claus Goeddaeus fine hammer, successfully against the nodules Mania author: Claus Goeddaeus Publisher Media Consulting Goeddaeus ISBN 978-3-926441-07-2; 152 pages nee VKP 59.95 euro (as E-book 49.95 euro)