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Published December 26, 2014

24 offices get own regionally-oriented Web sites. Wuppertal, June 21, 2010 the HECTAS facility services Stiftung & co. KG, specialist for infrastructure building services, expanded their online presence especially for medium-sized companies. It aims, in the entire Federal territory their sales activities across the channel to help the more than 60 locations and 24 branches of HECTAS Internet and more appeal to the middle class as a customer group. In cooperation with the marketing and communications agency FORCE communications & media GmbH in Dusseldorf realized HECTAS concept: each of the 24 branches now has its own website which can be reached via.

The pages presenting the comprehensive range of services for the target group and represent the regional reference. In this way, HECTAS wants to win future increasingly interested party requests and nationwide to increase their brand awareness. The implementation of the Internet pages is based on a customer survey by a research group of Arnhem business School (ABS), an international division of the HAN University of applied sciences in Arnhem and Nijmegen, Netherlands, the end of 2009 was carried out on behalf of hectas. Customer proximity, continuous availability, local ties and networked services are the most important criteria for the selection of a service provider in addition to the prize”summarizes Jens Koenen, head of marketing and business development of HECTAS, the results. We break this now on all regions of Germany, down by we consider precisely these wishes.” The modular design of the pages makes it possible to represent different substantive aspects with uniform appearance.

Who uses the postcode search on the home page, will get directly to the appropriate branch Web site. Each with an individualized approach and local content personally will be picked up here: current promotions are prominently placed and contact person with photo and contact details shown. Also complete the details of catchment area, references, job and social commitment of HECTAS Range of the information. “Us it is to show important, that we as a leading quality provider of building services, building cleaning and security services even for small to medium-sized companies in the region to provide”, so can continue. The companies will receive all services from a single source with us. We can combine our three divisions depending on the needs and are capable, flexible to respond to the needs of our customers and to develop individual, cost-efficient solutions for them. While the customer has one fixed contact person who is responsible for it.” The online service was implemented in the first step for the German website of HECTAS. Next, the concept for the corporate offices in Netherlands and Austria, as well as for other European countries will be adapted.