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Published March 5, 2012

Do not overwhelm its surface specialties, otherwise it 'choke'. Skoroda should be made of thick metal, preferably steel or cast iron. Messing with a lot of paella, and cook it on one or two is impractical – so look for the pan diameter of 40 cm for 4-6 servings, 50 cm – 7-10 (I saw a cast-iron the Uzbeks at the Leningrad market, promising to give up for $ 50, and a thick aluminum on the usual market for 700 p) – Figure should be srednezernym, not sticky. It should not be boiled soft, has good absorbing liquid to absorb flavor and to be crumbly. Ideally, of course, use the special polprozrachny Spanish rice 'Iberica'. In Russia, you can often buy srednezerny Fig brand 'SOS'. Long rice is not suitable.

Best Valencia Rice – Bomba, Senia, Bahia, from a nearby Murcia – Kalasparra (similar to bombs). Zercher squat cheapest generic tadalafil is exciting too as it is an ideal way to ensure safety of your belongings. The problem is very common and suffers from almost every man once or another time. viagra on line It is actually an herbal alternative to the brand viagra prices . These drugs are readily available in the form of curd – yogurt. generic sildenafil viagra – Fire. Paella requires a uniform and strong warm bottom, and cook it the best or wood-fire in the country, it also adds flavor, or a special gas burner. – Seafood. Tourist, 'front', paella contains lobster, large prawns or langoustines, mussels, squid. Buying a refrigerated sea reptiles, pay attention to the smell: if they smell like fish, shrimp or something, and not by sea – cook it just something else. – Saffron. Do not be lazy to find on sale Spanish or Iranian saffron, it is expensive ($ 4 per 2 g), but it's worth it. – Prepare a good fish and meat broth, do not pollute the paella bouillon cubes.