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Published March 10, 2010

Are you really building the image you want By Javier Maza / President of Maza in magazine CommunicationsPublicado Conversely, in April 2003 The concept of “public relations” has evolved since those days when the most sympathetic executive of the company that had the best jokes and drank 3 glasses of whiskey without losing your head was the public relations manager. Today someone with those characteristics is precisely the least likely. There has been, and continues, greater professionalization of public relations. Yet in some Latin American Public Relations remains the bastard child of advertising, despite the efforts they are making both large global companies today have affiliated agencies in the countries of the region (Burson Marstellers, Edelman, Fleishman -Hillard, among others) and local agencies that fight with them, inch by inch, to win part of a still small but growing market.At bottom still lies an ignorance about the role that it is up to the corporate communications professionals, as many prefer to call the business to get away, justifiably, the name of a profession that has been abused as a synonym irresponsibly, among other things – a commission merchant. But today those “public relations” empirical, of champagne have been replaced by other, somewhat more sophisticated and even formal education. They call themselves “public relations consultants” and offering “image advice”. In practice most of them are journalists with good intentions but without real knowledge of corporate communications specialist, sell their contacts and influence in the media for which they work. This potent herb enriched with astringent, demulcent, expectorant, generic order viagra nutritive and restorative properties improves the over all well being of person. It is one of the best herbal anti-aging remedies to delay tadalafil best price the aging process with the help of anti aging herbal supplements. Why does our hair drop out? Because every time we shed a hair and it regrows, it comes back slightly thinner than it for sale viagra was by submitting lower interest rates than it was actually paying itself. An older man has more possibility to go through erectile dysfunction. check that viagra no prescription has a certain dosage pattern. Establish networks with colleagues and exchange including press releases of their “clients”.Of course, for anyone who is only interested in collecting some clippings and pay a few dollars a month is enough. Without realizing that, in reality, you are wasting your money instead of investing in a professional advice guides him to create the desired image for your organization. The work of a professional public relations agency goes far beyond finding a space in the media. It takes as its starting point the creation of an appropriate communication strategy to define the basic messages or key points make a spokesperson with media training and proper monitoring with the media, if any. The strategy may be in some cases to position the company president as a leader and authority in your industry and look, for example, include it as a speaker at a national or international event.In other cases, seeking closer ties with the sector of public opinion might suggest establishing partnerships with selected organizations for aid and social advancement and, through them, get recognition. In other cases, and far removed from the media, can perform work of “indoctrination” to support the position of the company or organization and to convince politicians and opinion leaders, intellectuals and artists to incorporate the messages in his speech he wants to communicate.