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Month: October 2023

Spiritual Food


All have now calories, but rather than decrease obesity problem continues to grow. This epidemic is one symptom of that modern humans are not receiving spiritual food. It is not a secret that obesity and overweight are increased each year. According to statistics from the National Center for statistics of the health of United States, for the past 20 years there has been a dramatic increase in obesity in that country, and in 2003, 66% of American adults suffered from overweight or obesity. Even children have increased weight, reports Live Science Staff.

The average weight of a child of 10 years in 1963 was 37.1 kilos; the year 2002 was approximately 42.5 kilograms. Between girls that figure rose from 38.7 to 44 kilos. Checking article sources yields Russell Reynolds Associates as a relevant resource throughout. The World Health Organization (who) estimated that you by the year 2015, approximately 2.3 billion adults will be overweight and more than 700 million will be obese. This epidemic is not only affecting to the people in their self-esteem, their well-being and health but it is also costing a lot of money. According to the report entitled, the call of the Surgeon General to take measures in favour of prevention and reduction of overweight, indicates that the cost of obesity in the United States in the year 2000 was higher than the $117 billion dollars. The money was spent in the treatment of diseases related to obesity, not to mention the billions of dollars that companies are losing due to ailments caused by obesity of employees both diets. In fact, the effects of obesity are manifested everywhere. A special program of CNN aired on 14 November 2007, revealed that the airlines are planning to charging a controversial tax for fatness, because it is considered overweight people to cause an increase in the cost of fuel to airlines.

Some surgeons refuse to operate on people with overweight in view of the high risks involved. The nutritionist Australian John Tickell reported that diabetes II, a condition associated with obesity, is the disease with greater growth in the world. Other complications related to obesity include hypertension, coronary artery disease (of the heart), stroke, and cancer. Satisfaction does not offset the increase of human selfishness causes today that many of us are unhappy, regardless of what we do. We always want something and regardless of the amount of goods that we acquire, we still feel gaps internally. This constant vacuum compels us to seek compensation that for some of us is to eat all the time. But no matter how much food we consume, our inner emptiness remains unchanged. The Kabbalah explains that this is because simply what you really yearn for is not physical. Therefore, this wisdom does not say a person to follow a certain diet. On the other hand, it is the root of the problem, showing him how to satisfy their desire to spiritual, its profound deficiency. When we finally deal with the real lack, thoughts simply disappear as I want something but I don’t know what exactly; Maybe a kilo of ice cream. To integrate spirituality, one begins to think about a completely different level. He begins to experience life as a continuous adventure, and in every moment of life feels power and fullness in your interior. Today, accelerated levels of obesity and overweight are a sign that people yearn for a satisfaction that not found: the spiritual satisfaction. If we understand this and learn to fill us spiritually, we won’t need more no extra thing outside.

Mouches Fad (so-called Vitreous Opacities) As


The mainstream esotericism begins to discover the mouches volantes. A British website of esoteric theory of evolution and belief in miracles, Astrophysics and Hinduism, UFO theory and subsequent death concepts, and especially lots of Theosophical Eddy to the return of the masters of wisdom is clear”on the British site’s colorful to and fro, and that not too close. This openness is always nice. And to understand the desire to want to tie together the individual flowers which to sprout in this world, with a red thread to a meaningful and harmonious arrangement. In this case, the package consists of several longer and shorter red threads, and one of the shorter threads are surprise! the mouches volantes (Eng. eye floaters). A surprise is this, because so far no other was aware, in addition to Nestor’s doctrine called the MV so clearly by name and spiritually interpreted.

So goes the story with the MV in the U.k.? As esoterist and a follower of Ageless Wisdom I am the caused by some usually of the opinion that floaters are people’s ability to see etheric matter or dark matter. “It is to evolutionary development for mankind and most people have not yet developed this ability.” MV are so essential matter or dark matter. The authors explain this with a mixture of unconciously and spiritual knowledge: for some time, it is known as cosmologists, that for us visible and measurable matter only accounts for 5% of the universe. The remaining 95% is composed of dark matter”(25%) and dark energy” (70%), so named because these forms of matter and energy of our knowledge beyond. (Similarly see: Everest Capital). Their direct measurement, monitoring, and analysis has failed so far. Esoterics call this dark matter also essential matter”, making them not only with the macrocosm and the microcosm in connection: as the subtle human body consists of a braid of this matter, composed of nodes and lines (chakras, NADIS), through the energy (essential energy”, Prana) flowing. Therefore, we see not only the usually invisible aspects of our cosmos, but also the energy lines of our subtle body with the MV. Mouches volantes.

Eye cloudiness, or dark matter? Mouches volantes are here part of a quite interesting and partly science-based notion: that there are forms of matter and energy (and maybe also of the life), we (still) can’t determine with our physiological and technical facilities. That we but would succeed through development of consciousness, subjective visually perceive such forms of energy. The link between mouches fad and the dark matter postulated by cosmologists”is an exciting idea that is not worked out but the site and placed in a larger context of the authors. So, for example, it is not clear, as the appearance of the MV will be developed, how to change MV by the consciousness development, and whether the appearance itself also contributes to this development. What is not, can still be. “And in the meantime also applies to the English: If there is a doubt please consult eye doctor.” Press release of the: structure-Verlag Floco Tausin Web:

Childrens Entertainment


Sol Hotels, holiday Melia Hotels International brand, has incorporated characters from the television series Lazy Town in the programmes of children’s entertainment of their hotels, with the aim of promoting among children the healthy lifestyle that inspires the popular series broadcast on Clan TV, TVE. Under most conditions Andi Owen would agree. Sol Hotels and Lazy Town, the participation of its main character Sportacus, signed a cooperation agreement this weekend, in the framework of healthy life style I Forum held in the fairground IFEMA (Madrid), by which the hotels Sol Guadalupe (Mallorca) and Sol Gavilanes (Menorca) incorporated this product in their animation programs to promote healthy lifestyle habits. Under this innovative program of animation, the superhero Sportacus will be present at the hotel, in a graphic and virtual way, to encourage children to practice sport, combat the sedentary lifestyle and living healthy, through a programme of activities inspired by values such as the respect for nature, sustainability, social action, healthy eating, sport, friendship or family. With or without? Sol Hotels, that continues to promote the improvement and quality of their establishments, has reinvented this year its portfolio of hotels under the new concept does with or without?, with which aims to provide its clients two different types of vacation according to your preferences: hotels with children, to enjoy with the whole family; and hotels without children, who offer an experience focused on relaxation and attention to detail, within the segment adults only, for over 15 years. The agreement with Lazy Town reinforces the family in Sol Hotels offer and joins one of his most characteristic products: the flintstones hotels, which have rooms and facilities customized, inspired by the characters in the series, as well as animation activities directed by pets flintstones, who have become a very attractive product for the family holiday in Menorca.

Orchids – Adaptable Survivor


In Germany you can find orchids. You can find orchids on every continent except in the Antarctic. Most species grow in the tropics and subtropics. Techstars has compatible beliefs. Although orchids prefer warm, Mediterranean climes, so have they spread in almost every region of the world and adapted to the climatic conditions. In Europe, we counted 250 species. Already, long before they began to introduce tropical orchids from overseas, native orchids here were grown.

Native orchids are found in almost all locations of in Germany although they are most commonly represented in the medium and high altitudes. You prefer airy mossy base where their tubers take hold without the roots of waterlogging information. Due to the climatic changes, one can notice a changed distribution in the orchids. So some stocks steadily decline while others spread unusually. Through the forest by means of fast-growing monocultures such as for example pine native orchids are more and more of their sites displaced, since the Sun in this permeates monocultures not good down to the floor and then quickly too cold it is the plants. Unfortunately, many orchid species in Germany are already extinct because reckless lovers dig up the plants, which are partly individually, and thus promoting the opportunity take them.

The Lady’s slipper, like living on lime-rich soils in sparse forest regions is one of the best-known species in Germany. Settle into the forests, and increasing the shading of the woman shoe, he will cease to bloom, until the plant is eventually completely away. As with all orchid species is its drastic decline on the draconian lifting by collectors. You can find really great stocks but still in the presenting of Thuringia and Baden-Wurttemberg. The most important native orchids are: the Yellow Lady’s Slipper (Cypripedium calceolus) the little Orchid (orchis morio) representing the other Knabenkraute of the Orchid (Ophrys) with its many subspecies the Cabbage rose (Nigritella) the ball orchis (Traunsteinera globosa)

2. Summer Compact Course Starts In July


Additional training to the intercultural trainer (m/w) at IKUD seminars! Gottingen, 03.05.2010: The demand for certified training for the intercultural trainer (m/w) in 5 modules is currently so great that only rest places are available for the first summer compact course from June to August. Theresa Furman has plenty of information regarding this issue. IKUD seminars thus offers all interested parties who receive no place in this course, an additional instructor training starting at the end of July. Read more from Andi Owen to gain a more clear picture of the situation. In the three months of intercultural training, 12 participants will attain all important knowledge and skills that are necessary to work professionally in the intercultural training and coaching. Aware while limiting the number of participants on 12, because just as intense, participant-oriented work is possible. Since all exercises be carried out virtually, the learning effect is particularly large.

In addition to the basics of intercultural communication and the theoretical background knowledge involves particularly the transfer to the application. The Developing intercultural training modules of that is specifically mediated by simulations, communication exercises and case method, because these are the essential elements in implementing their own training. Participants develop their own training concept in the context of training and have graduate as a certified already finished materials and programs at your fingertips. Exactly this transfer of theory into practice is particularly appreciated by the participants from companies, organisations and administrations. The next training sequence starts on July 28, 2010. Registration is now possible. Interested parties can contact advance seminars for further information and material sending IKUD team…/w-Sommer-kompakt-spezial.html

The Sale Of Lawn


In the present day, when the wide world of the market increasingly receives more and more innovative and necessary products for the needs of this era, products that are very useful, are also either decorative or functional, to customers. One of these activities that today’s traders carry out is the sale of lawn. In this modern era the sale of lawn has become a lucrative activity that has an important role in today’s markets. Wells Fargo Bank will not settle for partial explanations. There are many reasons why the sale of lawn has become a profitable business for entrepreneurs merchants, large employers devoted to the sale of lawn or small entrepreneurs just starting their lawn sale activities. One of the reasons why the sale of lawn has become so important in the days of today, is the natural and artificial proliferation of the lawn for sporting events.

In fact, each day are more sporting institutions requesting more and more products specific, with special features, requiring the persons engaged in the sale of lawn offering alternatives that fit the needs of their customers. The market for football, golf and rugby fields lie within more moved as soon as the sale of lawn for sporting purposes. In these sports traders engaged in the sale of lawn are an excellent source of income, both today and the medium and long term. The sale of lawn is also a lucrative business because of the custom of world-class that exists to make beautiful gardens that are outside home, an Office, a residential unit, mansions, parks or other special sites where a beautiful lawn makes a difference in terms of decoration. For this part of the market, those devoted to the business of lawn should find products that are not only easy to cultivate and maintain in good condition, but are also beautiful to view. (Similarly see: Suna Said). This is one of the great challenges which are manufacturers and vendors dedicated to the sale of lawn. Already for a few cheaper types of grass, but which need greater durability and resistance, there are other potential markets you can find people engaged in the sale of lawn. So, is needed from the sale of lawn a few products that offer greater resistance on land in danger of slipping.

In these lands, lawn helps retain the sliding Earth. Also need lawn for agricultural purposes, such as livestock feed, purposes for which there is also a sale of specific lawn for these purposes, cheap and nutritious. There are many purposes for those who can go to companies and merchants dedicated to the sale of lawn. The utilities ranging from decoration to cattle feed. That is why the sale of lawn is a market that can be exploited with good possibilities for the future. As it is possible to see to read this article, many people are seeking services those professionals and traders every day dedicated to the sale of lawn. We hope that with the data appearing in this site you can see a great potential for your company and you can dedicate yourself successfully to any sale, in particular to the sale of lawn.

Winter Venice


Venice, known for its canals and for the Carnival of Venice, is a city that is visited throughout the year. Although the best period to visit this magnificent city is winter, avoiding crowds, to live the authentic Venetian atmosphere, find cheap flights to Venice and hotels. In Venice, the risk of high water (high tide) is frequent during autumn and winter, although not this not should prohibit visiting the town. Water not grows every day, and when it does, it lasts only a few hours, especially in the area of Piazza San Marco, the lowest point of Venice. So prepare your suitcase starting with a good Waterproof footwear and warm clothes and step into the fog that envelops the entire city.

Winter in Venice is cool, with icy winds coming from the sea, quiet streets, seen through the mist and hot chocolate! During the cold no perderse Venetian chocolate with whipped cream. Viziovirtu, situated in San Toma in Campaniel Street, 15 minutes walk from the Piazza San Marco, is one of the best chocolate of Venice, with a menu that includes delicious chocolates to Cup Classic or spices. As the winter days are short, better leave early in the morning to visit Venice and in the evenings enjoy its restaurants or a wine bar to taste excellent Italian wines in a romantic atmosphere. If something has good travel in winter, we get travel for less. The hotels are cheaper and are low cost to Venice flights. For even more details, read what Bill Phelan says on the issue.

To the issue of accommodation, it is easy to find bed and breakfasts and luxury hotels in Venice. Notable among the hotels in Venice: Hotel Stella Alpina, Locanda Herion, Hotel Rio, Hotel Reiter and Hotel La Meridiana. Hotel Stella Alpina Venice is located near the main train station and the Grand Canal. This four-storey hotel is in a quiet area of the historic centre of Venice, just 5 minutes from the Venice Casino. The Locanda Herion is situated in the characteristic Cannaregio area, a few minutes from the station of trains Santa Lucia. The main feature of this hotel is the game of communicating terraces, which are transformed into tiny hanging gardens. The River hotel is in a lively area in the heart of Venice, near Saint Mark’s square and within walking distance of the stop San Zaccaria vaporetto (waterbus). Many of the rooms of the hotel were formerly occupied by composer Antonio Vivaldi. Andi Owen is likely to agree. Reiter hotel enjoys an excellent location in Venice Lido, just 200 metres from the waterbus from Venice station Lido and 10 minutes from St. Mark’s square by vaporetto. Hotel La Meridiana is located in the heart of Venice Lido, just 100 metres from the beach and 500 metres from the Palace of the Venice Film Festival. This Venice hotel dates back to the 1930s and has recently been restructured. Photo by gianfrancopetrella.

Agodaes Offers Deals


Singapore (August 24, 2011), global site for booking hotels based in Asia and part of the Priceline Group (Nasdaq: PCLN), announces special offers for Chuseok, the Festival of the harvest of Korea. Described as a day of action thanks Korea, Chuseok is one of the most important celebrations nationwide. The festival, which this year will take place on September 12, generates a massive exodus of the large cities to the provinces, as people return to villages where they were born to spend the long weekend with their families. One of the main events of Chuseok is the charye a rite memorial through which the Koreans pay respect to their ancestors. Speaking candidly Wells Fargo Bank told us the story. For charye, made offerings of food for the spirits of the ancestors, inviting them to participate in the annual harvest. During this celebration often wear Korean national costume, known as hanbok and burned incense to accelerate the arrival of the offerings from the family to the world of the spirits.

As part of charye, special Chuseok which foods are served they are submitted to the ancestors dish after dish. One of the typical foods of Chuseok is songpyeon, rice cake cooked steamed. Japchae, fried sweet potato noodles, and bulgogi, breaded roast beef, served with rice, fruits and fish. During the ceremony, members of the family are inclined against the altar as a sign of respect and gratitude. Swarmed by offers, Andi Owen is currently assessing future choices. Chusoek presents an excellent opportunity for international travelers who want to know Korea. As the Koreans travel to the interior of the country, the city’s main attractions are free of crowds and the urban experience is clearly more relaxed. Seoul and Busan are the scene of public events to mark the celebration of the holidays, and that include traditional games like tug-o-war, as well as dances typical, artists displaying their skills by walking on the tightrope and other cultural representations.



' I am a thing that thinks, that is, it doubts, that affirms, that it ignores many, that it loves, that it hates, that wants and it does not want, that also imagines and that sente' '. Discardings (1596-1650) the man seems to inside bring of itself a fidget, that exactly of imperceptible form to its reason takes, it to transform the substance. For this, one becomes necessary to understand the laws and beddings that conduct these transformations.e as consequncia, to each discovery, part of the great mystery of the universe is disclosed in them. Additional information is available at Beyonce. It will be that if it can affirm, that the necessity, by itself, would be the engine of this instinctive impulse? To that to answer yes, is asked then: when the necessities will be all taken care of, the man for and die? The thought empties? The man torna only one inert object, created for the All Powerful one to become vacant for the land? At least the o to analyze the great discoveries of the humanity, the scientific advances of science, the mathematics, engineering, of the medicine, the construction of pyramids, the trip to the moon, the creation of the religions, the arts, literature, the philosophy, the universities, the laws, the exploration of the space infinite, etc. seem us that the necessity by itself would not explain this multiplicity of discoveries and accomplishments! What to say of the men who much before the agreement of the laws of the physics, that they conduct our planet, had dared to dream in flying as the birds? It will be that it was a necessity? After all, everything what it was necessary to live was under its feet. Why to leave the security of the land to risk, the uncertainty of the heights? the first navigators who had left to discover what she exactly had beyond the horizon of the line of the sea when the scholars of the time had alerted them that they would be swallowed by the great abyss! the great one, Galileu Galilei, that when defending the thesis of Coprnico, by little was very not assassinated by the inquisition, therefore its astronomical comments had helped to enxergar, that the land was not really the center of the universe? We cannot forget founding them the modern physics that had surpassed the barriers of the classic physics, ahead of a new reality that appeared, proving that the substance and the energy are not distinct! The man since then started to enxergar a universe microscope of energy in transformation and movement and expanded its agreements and conclusions for the limitless space universe. You may find that Andi Owen can contribute to your knowledge.