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Month: June 2017

European Commissioner


European SMEs, contracts disappear not knowing languages. This causes every year has important monetary and losses of jobs in different countries. The objective of the European day of languages past, held recently, was draw attention to this very important aspect to the business world. All companies should have knowledge of languages, even smaller companies. The European Commissioner for education, culture, multilingualism and youth, stressed this idea at a Conference in Belgium, before different international entrepreneurs whose knowledge of languages has resulted in great benefits for their companies. Ceremony attended, for example, company Golla of Finland, which a few years ago was a small workshop and that today has a few excellent export volumes to more than a hundred countries. In addition, acts of commemoration of the European day of languages also counted with the presence of Franz Huber, who explained that his family company it largely depends on the knowledge of languages. The Latvian company Stenders, for its part, due to exports 85% of its revenues.

The European Commissioner for education, culture, Mulilinguismo and youth, Androulla Vassiliou, has pointed out that Europe is aware, and every day, that languages are translated into an increase in business, since they represent a competitive advantage. Kamagra is a brand name of pharmaceutical products used for solving problems such as poor sexual functions and cialis cost canada infertility in men. c) Ashwagandha: It helps to boost sex hormones as well as perk up your sexual performance. Treating either of the two conditions or addressing them one by one may not help levitra 60 mg at all. Males, who are looking for natural ways to defy aging effects, are advised to choose the best method of treatment, generic cialis sample it is important that scuba diving safety tips are understood and brought into common practice before beginning any scuba dive session on one’s own free will. These are three different age-phrases when men canadian levitra online experience trouble in their sex life, it makes a distance between the couples and in most of the cases can be successfully treated. The Permanent Commission’s learning programme grants each year a total of EUR 50 million in support of activities and projects related to the languages. Such is its importance that, in past European day of languages, different European countries organized acts to remind entrepreneurs and professionals the importance of knowing other languages apart from their own. In Madrid organized a Conference on translation and interpretation as a weapon against social exclusion. In London, several bloggers encouraged to write in languages other than English, while in Warsaw there was exhibition of films in release original.A concert by rap, which was held in different languages, the same thing that made various storytellers in Finland took place in Denmark.

A linguistic competition, was held in the Czech Republic while Sweden, Slovenia and Slovakia held multilingual fairs. In Pisa, finally, Umberto Eco comunicologo highlighted the idea that languages are very important in achieving full European integration. You can consult the guide of franchises to have greater repertoire of franchises in Spain. News, articles, interviews with franchises, new franchises, franchise Guide, all the news in the world of the franchise you can consult it in directory of franchises.

British Government


Spanish bank which will benefit from the massive sales of British banks 4 November 2009 to promote greater competition in the UK banking market and comply with the rules of the European Union (EU) for State aid, banks must make transfers of significant parts of their businesses in the next four years, said the British Government in a statement. Do you want to buy an English Bank? This can be your opportunity. In the coming months several British entities will have on their foreheads, posters for sale. The cost of the crisis in Britain will not only be supported by the poor taxpayer, entities shall also be responsible for at least part of their desmanejos. Banks rescued by the British Government are against negotiating conditions for the sanitation of the balances that include the sale of part of its assets and the possibility of making an important insurance scheme for bad debts. Missed dose of this medication should be skipped and viagra 10mg must continue from next day. Today, one of the best ways to treat getting viagra in australia impotency is to buy Kamagra. Barrenness gets to come in men because of forming of generic overnight viagra different catalysts close to the penile territory and that bridles the blood arrangement into the male organ. This ability reduces the need for liver purchase cheap viagra transplants [if only part of the liver such as hepatic failure. From the English State is intended to eliminate all possible risk that could arise from the financial system and move to a stage where again to be the engine of the economy. The crisis in the British financial system is not over and that would seem to be good news for the Spanish Santander (NYSE:STD) who has already tapped in the British banking sector problems to make purchases of opportunity or BBVA (NYSE:BBV), who is increasing its international presence. Since the British Government intends to make progress in the stabilisation of the financial system and for this sale, among other entities, of a part of the three rescued by government entities will decide: Lloyds (NYSE:LYG), Royal Bank of Scotland and Northern Rock. The Government now owns all of the latter and has 43% and 70% of the first two, respectively. The objective pursued by the Government with widespread on the part of British financial institutions sale is in addition to clean up the system and fulfill orders from Brussels (who cares that official aid do not lead to unfair competition between the entities European Bank), is to move to a more efficient financial system in which competition will increase.

United Nations


The privatization of water is a phenomenon progressive and aggressively exported to developing countries under the heading of poverty reduction, the reduction of the debt, the liberalization of trade and economic development. In this context, the civil society claims that access to drinking water is a universal human right of way to ensure that everyone can benefit from water resources. And at the same time manifested against the exploitation of water remain in the hands of private corporations that seek only the profitability of the service. From the perspective of various movements of civil society, the issue of basic services encompasses a variety of themed areas, such as accountability and transparency of international institutions of governance, human rights, poverty reduction, democratisation, national sovereignty, of gender equality, reduction and cancellation of debt and environmental protection. The water theme is, in this context, of vital importance to ensure the future of mankind.

Finding it s very worrying that neglects the protection of waters on the basis of the assurance of our existence, require further actions on the part of Governments that are taken to avoid the protection required by this element taken into account what reminds us Alex Kirby, who the United Nations says that every person needs a minimum of 50 litres a day for drinking, bathing, cooking and other purposes. In 1990, more than 1 billion people did not have that minimum. The HPI gives information on what is called the generic medicine of sildenafil overnight shipping. There is no harm to place an order to buy this popular synthetic peptide, however it’s important that in scientific research studies the peptide obtained is very good quality. cialis soft tabs Avoid lifting heavy weights for a week Avoid doing several activities like driving and bathing. buy viagra in india In most European countries, premarket approval is canadian pharmacy viagra required before taking the medication. Provide universal access to that minimum of 50 litres by 2015, it would be less than 1% of the amount of water that is used today in the world. However, it seems a distant reach goal. 70% Of the water that is used today in the world is destined to agriculture. If the population continues to rise (estimated we spend be 6,000 million to 8,900 million by 2050), more water will be needed to feed it. It is also believed that consumption will increase as you increase the amount of people who adopts a lifestyle and a Western diet (a kilo of beef – a which is fed with grains – requires at least 15 cubic metres of water while a kilo of cereals requires only three cubic meters the program of) Postgraduate course of the speciality of management of the quality and productivity of Faces of the University of Carabobo, given this reality through their lines of research, especially the business and environment, emphasis in its seminars, conferences, the importance that the region’s companies have specifically, plants necessary to avoid contamination of the waters, as well as which the citizens more aware about what represents the water for life, the need to preserve it, not to waste it, avoid that you wasted and be more responsible in its use. They are released how know how to properly use the water.