White Gara

It was then that Ng Mui, knowing of everything, if considered to help to the old Yim Yee and its son. Wing Chun followed monja Ng Mui for the Temple of gara White. For 1744 return the 1747, the son of Yim Yee started to study Gung Fu under the guardianship of Ng Mui in the temple of the White Gara. Ng Mui started, then, to teach to its mortal technique of fists of the south for the young, by means of exhausting treinos of self-defense, following the molds of education of monges of Shaolin. After a time, the pupilos of Wong had started to look for Wing Chun, in order take it for its head. However, Wing chun was insurance of itself and offered resistance beating in these men. They had been even so saying that of the next time Wong she would personally come to search it.

In the day where Wong appeared to take it, Wing defied it to Chun for a fight for its freedom. Without being intimidated, it did not allow that it took it to Wong, using itself this new art to beat in it when it tried to grasp it. The pupilos of had quickly helped it to Wong to leave from there and of this never more it had notice. Wing Chun continued to train with Ng Mui in secret in the temple of the White Gara until concluding all the art of short fists created by monja of Shaolin up to 1748. Ng Mui, already with certain age, looked for to continue its life of monja in the Temple of the White Gara and to propagate the buddhism all, leaving its martial legacy for Wing Chun. For 1748 return, Wing Chun, already in the adult phase, accepted if to marry the friend who was a called salesman of salt Leung Bok Chau, trader of the province of Kuang Tung, for an agreement firmed for the parents of both.


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