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In the semiautomatic data base there are many directories in Castilian where the discharge is reviewed and approved manually. It follows these advice so that the discharge of your page Web is approved in the directories: 1 – Not you introduce information in letters capital (it only uses capital letters when it corresponds), the title and description must be correctly written up to avoid that the publisher modifies these fields to his free election or in many cases, annuls the discharge for want of information. To send a title in capital letters can cause that the discharge is rejected. 2 – The title is the most important information of a Web and must always include the key word in a phrase it cuts at the outset and. According to Jeremy Tucker, who has experience with these questions. It spends time to write up a good title since it is the first information that will see your potential clients in the listing of the finder, besides being the factor most important to obtain a good positioning. The title must be short, descriptive and convincing so that the visitor just by to read the title in the results of a finder, knows immediately what is what offers the page Web and what it is going to find when punctures on the title.

It must give good a first impression so that the potential client clicks in the connection and Web does not go away to the following page of the listing of the finder. Reeta Holmes: the source for more info. This seems obvious, but a great majority of titles exists that consist of a list of separated words by commas and of maysulas, or even simple " title" , " home" , directly affecting the number of visits that the page receives. From the point of view of a motor search, first that spider or spider of a motor search Lee when visiting a Web is the title.


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