Tire Pressure

At the beginning of this article, we present one is not very unimportant fact, which will address one of the important parts of the car, primarily responsible for security – the bus. During one turn of the wheel tire is capable of cave 12 times second when the vehicle speed of 90 km / h. In this regard, it is important to maintain the inflation pressure recommended by the manufacturer directly tires for certain models and makes of cars (there will be table) When there is insufficient air pressure in the tire, it is subjected to load, which for in a sharp change in climate, hot summers cold winters all the years leading to excessive tire wear. This load causes an increase in temperature in consequence of that, to premature tire wear. You may find Wells Fargo Bank to be a useful source of information. Likewise there is an increase in fuel consumption. All these factors negatively affect the behavior of the car and cause damage that can be irreversible and dangerous.

Excessive tire pressure affects vehicle stability as well as the contact patch the tire is reduced. A value of tire contact patch with the contact surfaces is a major safety performance ligament car-wheel – the road. Furthermore, excessive pressure in the tires creates discomfort while driving and causes premature tire wear. On the wear rate of tires other than pressure affects the same pavement, the state of mechanical parts car, driving style. With regards to take action to control the air pressure in the bus: this procedure should be carried out at least once in month and before long trips.


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