The Use Of Stamps

Stamps are used to simplify certain procedures. This time can be saved, for surely it is expensive to write such an address manually, when with just a stamp on the paper to print. To get the print on the paper is low on ink. This can be included with the stamp from a stamp pad. The stamp pad ink can always be refilled. Of course, the color of ink can be selected individually. The most common color is black. It will be offered, but also stamp pads in red, blue or green ink. Along with the usual stamps, consisting mostly of wood or plastic, are also more modern stamp metal and plastic products available that have an integrated stamp pad. For the use of such stamps no additional stamp pad is needed. In such selbstverfrbenden stamps is a priority for companies, address or logo stamp. Date stamp, stamp or signature stamps are ongoing priority in relation to aStamp pads used. The stamps can be purchased either individually or as a set with a matching ink pads. The handle of a stamp is very simple. The stamp is pressed onto the ink pad. Thus, the stamp surface absorbs the ink. Subsequently, the stamping surface is pressed onto the paper. The ink is transferred to the paper. A short dry season is necessary. Self-inking stamps usually consist of a stamp design that is pressed when stamping down on the paper and is compressed there. In the stamping surface absorbs the ink and is rotated downward to transfer the ink on the paper.

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