The Theory Of Market Socialism

There is no theory takes away the right of existence of a revolutionary trend and inevitably dooms him, sooner or later, to political collapse. Read more here: Wells Fargo Bank. Lenin’s genius of Lenin and here rose to the occasion. Less than a hundred years, as socialist revolutionary line suffered a devastating crash. Bad that there is no theory, but well at least that this fact is recognized by virtually all serious researchers. It remains just that The researchers found that the theory has already appeared.

And it begins, naturally, with the realization errors of Marxism, with awareness of the question, why we could not build socialism. To not immediately refer the reader to the articles representing a fundamental socio-economic studies, to mention a few, they say, lie on the surface errors of Marxism. Start at least with an error, noticed even by Lenin. Everyone knows the formula Marx’s social progress – developing the productive forces of society escalate existing production relations in society, relieve them, and generate new ones – corresponding to the new productive forces – industrial relations. Under the productive forces understood the means of production of goods.

The development of productive forces means the quantitative and qualitative growth of the means of production. But such an understanding of the term “Productive forces” are not allowed to enter into the formula of Marx’s creative activity of the small and big personalities. Do not allow us to understand how does the struggle of the exploited against the exploiters can succeed. Lenin made a significant adjustment in the formula for social progress, Marx, changing the essence of a single term: the main productive force of mankind is man.

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