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Published November 11, 2015

First sign of fast food to attempt to use local products to the card, La Bote Pizza attracted gourmets of all ages through quality and originality of its pizzas, and the dynamism of its promotional offers. The sign is no exception to this rule by launching in all cities where it is present, a poster campaign highlighting the new pizza “softness” in chocolate, banana, toffee and ginger. To accompany the launch of the pizza “Aphrodisiac”, presented as a moment of pure pleasure, Manix has become an indispensable partner. Following an agreement with the manufacturer, a condom will be available for any pizza “Aphrodisiac” ordered in a restaurant The Pizza Box. The poster campaign (4×3, bus shelters, Morris columns.) Runs from February 2 to March 4, 2009 in 80 cities in France, with the exception of the Paris region to be traversed by trucks”affimobiles. A total of 2474 faces a budget of 179,000 euros. > About The Pizza Box: Teaches Parents Toulouse founded in 1986 by Frantz Lallement, The Pizza Box is the first French network of takeaways and home delivery pizzas. The Pizza Box, which is headquartered in Paris in September 2008, has always sought to distance itself from its competitors by combining fast food and culinary requirements. Its products are aimed at gourmet (pizza with duck breast, the two salmon, shells St-Jacques, foie gras, porcini mushrooms …). The church therefore adopted a new name, Fellowship of Las viagra in australia Colinas. Similarly, the cialis samples erectile arteries are narrowed, disallowing the organ to get enough blood for an erection. Regular consumption of vardenafil online these capsules can provide deep cleansing. With harder male organ, order cialis online you can offer her mesmerizing sexual pleasure. 110 points of sale. About Manix: Since its inception in 1987, Manix has continued to innovate on products creators of pleasure, feelings, and even excitement. In addition to breakthrough products like condoms multi-textured, with exciting forms, heating or even postpone, Manix has democratizedsexual well-being through stimulating gels and vibrating rings to success. Finally, communication bold brand whose signature and DNA are “The Partner of Pleasure” proves that a leading brand can sell the best products without taking itself seriously … PRESS CONTACT: Infinity Communications Adeline SOLOWY: Agnes HEUDRON: Tel. : 01 30 80 09 09 – Fax: 01 30 80 09 29 The Pizza Box – Headquarters: Socorest S AS – 5 rue Royale – 75008 Paris. Tel.: 01 44 94 29 32 About the author: Created in 1991, Infiniti is specializing in press relations of franchise systems and associated businesses. The news network is relayed to the site who addressed the press and general public.