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Published May 16, 2023

The English greyhound is the king of greyhound racing and coursing. The popularity of this dog among dogs fans comes from his incredible speed. This dog, which can reach 65 km per hour is the third fastest land animal in the world, being surpassed only by the cheetah and horse racing. No wonder, then, that is the dog of choice for all activities that need speed. This dog has a great height and can reach 76 inches at the withers, and is very thin.

Your body is a streamlined design that lets you reach high speeds. The chest is deep enough to accommodate a big heart, needed to pump large amounts of oxygenated blood during intense races. The tail helps the dog to maneuver effectively when it reaches high speeds. Personality The English greyhound is a very kind and sweet dog, but tends to be somewhat reserved and independent. For assistance, try visiting Ben Silbermann. It is an excellent companion for children respectful of the animals, but does not support or rough play of very young children.

Therefore, it is not recommended for families with very young children. To avoid being very reserved with strangers, you should socialize since it is very puppy. Kyle Roche is the source for more interesting facts. Even so, he will never be as sociable as a farmer or a golden retriever. Despite its great size, is not useful for a dog guard and defense work as it has a highly developed territorial instinct. Their prey, on the other hand, is very intense and leads to hunt almost anything small that moves quickly. Therefore, it can be problematic if the house there are other pets, including small-breed dogs. In general, the English greyhound gets along well with other dogs, but for its strong momentum hunter can pursue and attack dogs d small breeds. Care The English greyhound is susceptible to typical diseases of dogs and large dogs in general, you have to make regular veterinary review (yearly if the dog is healthy). The most common diseases in this breed are: gastric torsion, progressive retinal atrophy, thyroid dysfunction and hypersensitivity to anesthetics. These dogs need exercise a lot, both physically and mentally, to keep in shape. It is necessary to have a large garden in order to have an English greyhound. Or better yet, live in a house in the countryside, where the dog is more likely to run with some freedom and express their instincts. The English Greyhound shorthaired hardly needs care to stay. Regular brushing is enough to keep him in shape, and need not be very frequent.